V-day Gift Ideas: 5 Cool Gifts for Him

So late last night, as I was about to hit the sack, I got a text from my BFF, Felicity. Because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we got to chatting about the big day. But it turns out, one of the closest friends in the whole world hated V-day. Why? Well, according to her, “FIGURING OUT WHAT TO GET FOR YOUR BOYFRIEND IS JUST IMPOSSIBLE!!!” Yup, this is verbatim—all caps and all! Lol!

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Denim Mania: For the Love of Anything Denim

For a human being to survive in this planet, we need food, water, air, and shelter. For a fashionista? Denim is definitely essential. And you know what? I agree. In fact, I’m sure most of you will agree. Who can deny that it’s one of the most amazing fabrics out there. Aside from being comfortable and long-lasting, this phenomenal textile is also very versatile that you can wear it anytime, anywhere, with practically anything. Not to mention it can be made into any pieces of clothing—from pants, skirts, jacket, and shirts. But what makes this clothing material such a hit for everyone is that it is definitely stylish. You see, it’s no wonder many would even say: “denim is a way of life.”

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Your S.O.

As most of you would probably know by now, most women love shopping. Heck, a lot of us would probably die of despair if we don’t get our dose of retail therapy at least every week or two at the most. Though shopping for ourselves is quite a joy, buying something for our man is next to impossible. Just what exactly do we get for them that we’re going to be sure they’d be happy? And now that Christmas is just around the corner, the stress of choosing a Christmas gift for our significant other definitely intensified tenfold.

So how can we win Christmas this year? Don’t worry—allow me to help you. Here are some stylish Christmas gift ideas that he’ll actually love:

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