T-shirts: Basic Tees to Chic Pieces

Now that it’s summer, one of the most go-to tops out there are our trusty t-shirts. Yes, they may not be the most chic option. But with sizzling temps during summers, one just can’t help but go with these “lazy” articles of clothing. I, myself, actually don’t mind wearing tees as much as I can during the hottest season of the year. In fact, I believe tees are so comfy, they deserve to be worn whenever and wherever you like, regardless of the occasion. Of course, I’m not talking about wearing your basic tees in a gala. Say, if you have a dinner date, or if you’re spending the day out with your friends, t-shirts, I think, can be chic enough—that is if you have the right t-shirt designs and the right pieces to go with them.

Fab Celebs in T-shirts

Wondering how the most basic item of clothing can become a chic piece? Check out these stylish celebs’ OOTDs and maybe you can cop one (or two) outfit ideas from them:

Gigi Hadid looking hot (and cool) as ever in this plain white V-neck t-shirt.
If hottie Olivia Wilde can make a funny tee look so glamorous, so can you.
Again, Olivia Wilde makes wearing tees look so effortlessly chic.
Band shirts are definitely cool, especially with Miley Cyrus wearing them.
Kendall making it look so easy wearing just a plain grey v-neck t-shirt.
Even with a ripped t-shirt, Kendall is just so fabulous.
“lol ur not zayn malik” —funny and glamorous! I so love Gigi!
Printed boobies on Cara Delivingne’s shirt just makes the whole look so funny… and fab, of course!
And finally, who can deny that Amber Heard pulled this one off—in a red carpet event, no less! Amazing!

T-shirts: Styling Them

Interested in upgrading your T-shirt game? If you are, check out these t-shirts and styles that got their inspiration from the fab ladies featured above:

As you can see, t-shirts aren’t exactly that “basic” anymore. With the right combination of pieces, you can actually make your trusty t-shirts their much needed spotlight in the fashion world as the beautiful ladies above have done. If you are interested in the products featured in the pictures above, check them out by clicking the images. If you have any suggestions or comments about t-shirts and about other fashion stuff, just comment in the comments section below. Thanks for reading and see you next time! 🙂

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