K-Culture Phenomenon: Why Do People Love Them?

We all know the South Korean entertainment industry is becoming famous in the international scene rapidly. Thanks to their quirky yet charming K-dramas, and let’s not forget the ever popular K-pop, their entertainment industry is actually raking in millions (if not billions) of mullahs internationally— subsequently playing a vital role in S. Korea’s economy, not to mention continuously promoting Korean culture all over the globe. So what have they done right that people can’t get enough of their K-dramas and K-pop songs? Well, honestly speaking, I can only assume because I really think it’s a phenomenon. And like all phenomena, they are hard to explain—but let me try. Here are the reasons why, I THINK, the K-culture is booming right now:

Shin Min Ah


Girls’ Generation

Addictive Melody

Have you tried listening to other “more serious” K-pop songs other than Psy’s “Gangnam Style”? If you have, you probably notice that even though you didn’t have any idea what they were saying, the melodies just stick to your brain. That’s just how it is with K-pop songs—they’re appealing to listen to and well, they’re just unforgettable to the point that you even try to memorize the lyrics even if you don’t understand them.

Amazing Choreography

There was this one day that I actually got hooked watching K-pop music videos when I happened upon them a couple of years ago. What with their complicated and challenging steps and routines, you just can’t help but be amazed by them.

Quirky Fashion

Yes, it’s a bit different (sometimes even over the top) but that’s what makes it so darn charming. K-pop fashion is just fun to look at that you just can’t help but admire these K-idols.

Good Looks

Lastly, people have come to love K-pop not just in Asia but around the world because of their good looks. Aside from their charm, you just can’t help but be amazed with their seemingly immaculate skin. If you want to know how they maintain their unblemished skin, check out the latter part of this blog.


Song Hye Kyo
Ji Chang Wook

Perfect Formula

Yup, Koreans have discovered the perfect formula for making dramas and they stuck with it. Interesting plot. Handsome guys who are usually rich. Awkward yet pretty girls—the typical damsel in distress. Funny situations at the start of the series then ending up in a more serious romantic atmosphere. Exaggerated yet emotional scenes. Cliffhangers at the end of each episodes. And of course, either a happy (the boy and the girl end up together) or a tragic (one of them dies) ending.

Relatable Stories

K-drama story lines aren’t ever too complicated that people just relate to them easily. But when I say “not too complicated”, I didn’t mean they are not written well—they are as a matter of fact. From great character building to well-planned story-telling, people who watch it can easily feel the emotions in them, whether they be action, suspense, romance, or heavy drama.

Good-looking Actors

Well, this bit is self explanatory, ain’t it? Just look at them with their sweet charm and their flawlessly white skin, you just can’t help but admire these K-idols right? Of course, you’re probably wondering how they keep their skin so faultless as well. Don’t worry, I have just the right info on how they take care of their skin. Read on.

How to Get That Korean Flawless Skin

Well, that’s it. I really think these are the reasons why K-culture is so popular right now. I, myself, am actually hooked with their K-dramas as of the moment. And aside from all these reasons why we love K-culture, one of the reasons why I admire Korean celebrities is because of their oh so flawless skin. So what’s their secret? I actually wrote about them a several months back. Check it out by clicking here.

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