Makeup Tips: How to Make It Last All Day

As a modern, independent woman, I always make it a point to look my best all day every day. That’s why it always get to my nerves to see my makeup all but worn off at midday! Imagine spending all that time in the morning to create that perfect contour only to see it already gone by lunch break? How annoying is that? Anyways, instead of sulking over this “problem”, I decided to do something about it. So, what can we, women, do? Well, here are some makeup tips to ensure our makeup lasts all day:

Clean Canvas

Facial Cleanser

Think of yourself as an artist and your face your blank canvas. As we all know, water and oil don’t mix so how can you expect your makeup to hold on to your face if your face is oily? So for your makeup last long, make sure your face is as clean and as oil-free as can be. Use a facial cleanser to clean off dirt and oil off your face and pat dry with a clean towel before applying doing the next step.

Tone Up


To make sure that your face is squeaky clean before applying your makeup, use a toner. This will further help in removing unwanted debris from your face such as traces of makeup and oil. It will also help in soothing and smoothing your skin, making it easier for your makeup to stick to your skin.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Moisturizing Cream

This is probably one of the most important makeup tips there is—always keep your skin moisturized. Why? Ever noticed that your makeup starts to crease and to cake on parts that feel dry? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening—products dry up on dry patches of your skin. And the result? crumbling makeup by noon.

Prime Cast


To “seal in” the moisture on your face, you would also have to use a primer. Aside from keeping those essential moist on your face, primers help in making your skin more smoother—an even surface for makeup to hold on to.

Settle Down



Yup, give it a few (ideally, three to five) minutes before applying makeup. This will give the products to actually settle and dry on your face. If you don’t have the time to wait for it to settle down, you can blot the products with a clean tissue.

Seal The Deal

Facial Powder

Finally, seal your makeup in by applying a thin layer of translucent powder. This will smooth the look of then makeup, remove excess oil, and “seal” the goodness in.

That it! Simple makeup tips, eh? After doing these steps, my makeup actually last longer. In fact,  your makeup will last throughout the day—unless of course you’re going to be spending the day under the sun! Lol! Anyways, I hope you find these makeup tips helpful. And if you have any more suggestions or if you have reaction to this blog, feel free to comment in the comment in the comment box below. Till next time, ta-ta! 🙂

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