Mules Rule! The Perfect Footwear This Season

Of course we all know that women love shoes… er, correction: are obsessed with shoes. How can we even resist those sexy stilettos and timeless pumps and those chic strappy sandals and cute ballet flats, right, ladies? With all these irresistible shoes, you’d think that these styles are enough, right? At first I thought, together with the comfy sneakers and the ever trusty wedges, I’d be contented with these styles. Well, I’ve been wrong before and I’m certainly wrong again this time because, well, mules came along.

History of Mules

Don’t get me wrong, mules has been around for centuries now. Have you heard of European pattens? Well, those are stilt-like thingymajigs worn by aristocrats in the middle ages to keep their feet (and shoes) elevated from the filthy ground. Unlike pattens, though, mules are shoes in and of themselves. Maybe shoemakers thought of actually creating an actual shoe that could function like a patten. Anyways, that’s how mules came to be and eventually, women came to love them from then on.

However, in the early to mid 20th century, mules have gradually lost its fashion ┬ástanding as various shoe styles were made. In fact, during the 20’s and the 30’s, they were actually considered shoes for prostitutes! Can you believe that? Lol! Fortunately, by the 1950’s, mules became a shoe style for “decent” women again. And up until today, women wear them in many occasions—from dressy to casual. Yes, that’s how versatile mules are!

The Reemergence

Yes, mules are somewhat popular in the last couple of decades but they weren’t able to actually compete with other styles (e.g. pumps and sandals) until these past few years. Yes, mules are actually making a comeback in a huge way. In fact, Hollywood A-listers and other fashion icons are actually seen sporting these babies in different occasions. Plus, it has been a popular footwear for women in the workplace for quite some time. However, like I said, it’s been gaining popularity so they’re not only limited to the office now. You can see them in the malls, cafes, and even parties nowadays. Talk about a trending shoe, right?

Why We Love Them

So why are we loving them now? Well, aside from the fact that they’re comfortable and they’re stylish, mules are probably the easiest to put on and to take off. Just a slip it on and you’re ready to go. Tired from a long day’s work when you get home? Just slide them off your feet and you’re ready for a hot shower. Yup, it’s one of the main reasons why women love them. And as I’ve mentioned earlier, mules are timeless—they’ve endured the test of time so you’ll know they’ll not easily go out of style. Stylish, comfy, versatile, and convenient? What more can you ask for in a shoe?

Styles I Love

Okay, like I said, there are literally hundreds of designs out there and of course, you just have to pick yours. As for moi, I have my own picks, of course! Here are my fave mules as of the moment:

Stack Heels; Open Toes
Peep Toes; Thick Heeled
Patterned Leather; Open-Toes
Block Heels; Slingback; Peep Toes
Patterned Slip-ons
High Heeled; Open-Toes

Fabulous shoes, right? Want to own one of these? Check out where I got these comfy chic shoes by clicking on the images. You can also find numerous styles that would fit your wants and needs—not just for shoes but for a lot of fashion stuff! Anyways, that’s it for me! Thank you for visiting my blog and feel free to comment on the comments section below. Cheerios! ­čÖé

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