Slacks Attack: Different Ways to Rock Them in Style

When it comes to casual wear, we always hear and rave about our all time fave, the mighty jeans. Yes, I do love denim pants as much as the next woman, but come on! I do believe there’s more to wearing pants casually than just donning jeans. As you may have already guessed from the title, this is about how to wear slacks (or trousers, as other might call them) in style. Some of you might think that these types of pants are just for formal or business wear but nope. You can actually rock them casually. You know, when you’re just out with your friends or when you’re shopping? How? Well, that’s what I’m here for! Lol! Anyways, If you want to look sleeker than usual in casual wear, try on slacks (or trousers) for size! Here are some ways you can wear these versatile pants in style:

1.) Slacks – Sneakers – Graphic Shirt – Long Cardigan

2.) Slacks – Loafers – Plain White Ribbed Tee – Blazer

4.) Slacks – Stilettos – Long Sleeved button Down Shirt

5.) Slacks – Sneakers – T-shirt

6.) Slacks – Stilettos – Blouse

7.) Slacks – Loafers – Striped Long sleeve Shirt

As you can see from the pics above, there are many things you can do with this chic and versatile non-denim pants that I have come to love. You can actually create your own looks with it but if you’re having your doubts, you can always try some of the styling techniques here. Heck, you can even imitate from your fave celebs as I’m sure most of them rock these babies too. Now, if you’re having trouble finding specific type of cut or style, you can always check out the online fashion shops that I frequent. These are where I usually get my own stuff so go and visit them as they offer stylish clothes that we can actually afford! How cool is that? Check them out:

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