2017 Spring Fashion Trends: What To Expect

Okay, the winter was definitely long and hard (such a d–k, eh? Lol!) this year. But that’s okay as the temp’s starting to warm up now—FINALLY! Anyways, now that we’re feeling the warmth bit by bit, I can’t help but be excited about the fashion trends that’ll be coming up this season. All our closets definitely need a major overhaul, right? However, when it comes to spring fashion trends, many always imagine them as those overdone floral dresses and espadrille shoes. But please, enough of all that! It’s 2017 and we should start creating new looks that’ll define the new year, the new season, and of course, the new you. Nope, I’m not talking about totally letting go of the favorites. Let’s just say that the 2017 spring fashion trends seem to feature an evolved look of the favorites rather than a total revamp.

Can’t seem to imagine what I’m trying to explain? Well, as they say: a picture is worth a thousand words, so let these pictures do the talking. Without further ado, here are what we should be excited about this season—the 2017 spring fashion trends:

1.) Utilitarian Street Chic

Yup, seems unlikely for spring but it really looks like utilitarianism’s taking the 2017 spring fashion trends by storm. But this look is more than just cargo pockets and dreary colors. That’s the beauty of fashion as you can play around with it. The keyword here is street-chic—mix’em with utilitarian fashion and voila, new fashion trend!

2.) New Shirting

We all love button down shirts. If there’s one word to describe button down shirt, it’s probably ‘essential’ as we practically wear them to work every day. But lat’s face it, sometimes these staples get a little too dull for our liking. So this year, this wardrobe essential definitely needs an upgrade or we try to wear them in a different way—from split shirt tops to over-sized shirt dresses! Truly chic!

3.) Peek-a-boo

See-through, frill tops and dresses—all those “peek-a-boo” pieces that’s not just sensual, but playful as well. Yup, they are in the highlight in the 2017 spring fashion trends as A-list celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner wear them. Plus, top fashion houses around the globe actually debuted their see-though spring collections, so…

4.) Retro Brights

When it comes to spring, we all love to wear something bright to blend in with the sunny and fun mood of the season. However, like I said, we’re doing things a bit different this year so we’re going for that retro color look—you know, those bright oranges and yellow combinations of the 60’s and 70’s? Looks fun, eh?

5.) Structured Floral

Of course, spring trends wouldn’t be complete without those floral pieces, right? However, we’re moving away from those typical floral dresses, shirts, and such. What this year’s spring trend is offering is those structured floral pieces as pictured above. These are great for evening events and it actually adds more depth and sophistication to your spring look.

6.) Athleisure

Athleisure is definitely a thing these past couple of years and it looks like it’s not letting up this year. These sexy, skin-skimming pieces that outline our feminine curves will surely look great in casual settings this spring.

7.) Floral Mini

Again, floral pieces are still a favorite this year. However, we’re now looking to wear them in a different way. Take this sexy mini skirt—this will not only look great this season, but in other seasons as well.

8.) Post Minimalism

This is not your typical minimalist approach to your casual wear but a sharp contrast to the growing trend of over-the-top lavishness of today’s fashion trends. Armed with subtle details and simple yet sophisticated designs, post-minimalist fashion will surely add more depth to your wardrobe.

9.) Mix N’ Mismatch

Well, not really a “mismatch” but a contradistinction to what we’re used to mixing and matching our outfits. We can now play around with different (yes, sometimes even clashing) colors and textures to create a new look.

10.) Wacky Stripes

From the trending polka dots of last couple of seasons, stripes are now going down with a bang in the fashion world. Even top designers are choosing it as their pattern du jour, making this pattern a favorite trend this season.

Talk about exciting and stylish fashion trends, right?! Well, it’s definitely time to change your wardrobe! If you’re interested in getting the newest trends, check out the online shopping sites where I got these! They offer a lot of cool stuff there. Just click on the images and links!

Anyways, that’s it for me! See you next time here on my blog and thanks for reading! 🙂

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