Denim Jacket: Spring’s Ultimate Fashion Piece

As we transition from winter to spring, I’m as enthusiastic about my wardrobe for the season as the warm weather. With all the fun colors and layering, who can deny that spring is probably one of the most fashionable seasons of the year? Furthermore, there’s also one layering piece I’m very much excited about—the denim jacket. Yup, everybody loves these ruggedly stylish jackets. Why? Aside from it being able to provide you with just enough warmth, they are also a great layering piece. Plus, they’re also versatile and timeless as you can wear jean jackets anytime, anywhere, anyway you want. It’s no wonder stylish celebrities such as the Jenner sisters, Gigi Hadid, and Jessica Alba are often seen rocking these babies:

Kendall looking ravishing in a denim jacket, sweater, and leather pants ensemble.
Kylie Jenner’s take on a dress and jean jacket combo.
Gigi Hadid settled for the patched jacket/leather pants punk rocker look.
Jessica Alba looking as lovely as always in her girly skirt/tank/jean jacket look.

Now that we’re diving headfirst into the spring season, I’d like to round up some of the looks that feature denim jackets. This collection is the perfect casual getup for the semi-cold season. Every look is as fashionable as comfy and they really do go well with our all-time favorite, the denim jacket. So without further ado, here’s my fave denim jacket looks this year:

1.) Oversized Denim Jacket – Sweatshirt – Leggings – Sneakers

2.) Oversized Jacket – Tank Top – Leather Shorts

3.) Faded Fit Jacket – Striped Mini Dress

4.) Fit Jacket – Little Black Dress

5.) Vintage Faded Black Jacket – Plain White T-shirt – Skinny Leather Pants – Sneakers

As you can see from my picks above, denim jackets can pretty much go well with just about anything in your closet. From shorts to leather pants, from longs skirts to mini dresses, they will certainly look great. And because spring still calls for a light jacket, denims are definitely a favorite outerwear pick this season. So, did you like the looks I’ve featured here? Are you interested in the denim jackets shown above? If you are, just click on the images and it’ll take you to the online shop where I got these.

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