Swimsuit Trends 2017: What to Wear This Summer

Okay, this is probably my third time writing about summer before it even starts. Isn’t it obvious that summer’s my favorite season of the year? Why? Well, I’ve read somewhere that if seasons were people, autumn would be the attractive and sophisticated one; winter will be the cold-hearted b—h that everyone wants to get away from; spring is the cute and playful one; and the summer is a party animal. And you know what? I agree! Aside from the warm weather, summer is when we can go out—you know, like actually “go out” without freezing our asses off. It is when we can have a good time with the people we love. It’s when we can stay out and have barbecues over beer with friends. And, it’s when we can actually go to the beach, frolic in the ocean, and, of course, rock a new swimsuit!

Yup, as early as the middle of winter, I’ve been dreaming about what to wear come summertime. And from what I’ve “research”, this year’s swimsuit trend is all about those daring, beach-ready styles that is both sexy and practical. I know most (if not all) of you look forward for the warmest season of the year, so without further ado, here are some of the styles you should look for this year:

Cropped Top

This swimsuit style is all over fashion shows all over the world. It can either has a sheer paneling, strategic cutouts, single or two tones, plain or printed—doesn’t matter, we love it. The best thing about cropped top swimsuits is their versatility. If you have a flat or a big chest, chances are, this swimsuit will look great on you.


Well, there’s something about sheered materials that make the swimsuit more attractive, isn’t it? It’s like those see-through areas (especially if strategically placed) make you more sensual. It’s like showing some skin without showing too much—get my drift? Add bold and solid colors into the mix to accentuate your figure and those “sensual” areas, and you’ll surely be a head-turner at the beach.


Halter swimsuits have been dominating the trends for the past few years and it looks like it’s not letting up this year. And why not? We love them very much as they look amazing, whether you opt for two or one piece swimsuits. And much like the cropped top swimsuit, this style offers a lot of support to the chest area.


I don’t know but there’s really something about laces that makes both men and women get attracted by it. Put this sexy yet elegant delicate fabric in a swimsuit, and you’ll surely have a jackpot. That’s why this year, a lot of lacy swimsuits are making their way into top fashion ¬†shows.


If you haven’t noticed it yet, this year’s swimsuit trends are bent on a more feminine style. So, what would a girly collection be without a floral design, right? Although this time, instead of little flowery prints that made headlines last summer, we’re now going to a much bolder statement. This year, the bigger the prints, the better.


Yup, that’s what it is what it is. It’s basically a dress that you can swim in, got it? Like I said, this year’s trend is all about being lady-like so, why not a swimsuit that is basically a dress, right? It’s sensual and it’s classy at the same time.

I truly love this year’s trends. In fact, I already have some of these. Furthermore, I’ve actually planned my trips to the beaches in some parts of Asia. As you all know, some of the best tropical beaches are there, so… All I’m waiting for is the warmest season of the year to finally arrive. I just can’t wait!

Anyways, if you’re interested in upgrading your summer wardrobe, all you have to do is to click on the images and links above, and have fun looking for the perfect swimsuits you’re going to be wearing this summer 2017. Until next time, ta-ta!

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