Sneaker Preacher: 6 Types Girly-Girls Should Have

Sneakers are essential in street fashion. Aside from it being one of the most comfy shoes, sneakers can actually boost your street style capabilities. In fact, many model off-duty trailblazers, from Kendall to Blake Lively, sported sneakers several times to show off their street style skills. That’s why when it comes to street fashion, a variation in your sneaker collection is definitely essential.

However, I noticed that every time I see girls donning sneakers, most only wear plain white ones. Though I understand that whites are forever reliable, they’re not the only ones that we can actually wear with jeans, shorts, dresses, and skirts. Variation actually goes a long way when it comes to fashion and there are a lot of “girly” sneakers to choose from. So if you want to update your street style, you should really add more to your sneakers collection. Here are some sneakers you should have in your closet:

1.) Pastel Sneaker

Add some color into your footwear to show your dainty side.

2.) Embellished Sneaker

Just a few embellishments on your sneakers can really spruce up your entire look.

3.) Glittered Sneaker

Imagine a sparkling footwear to go with your billowy skirt or dress—simply fab, don’t you think?

4.) Fuzzy Sneaker

Like the glittered ones, these fuzzy sneakers can boost your street style in an instant.

5.) Bowed Sneaker

If you really want your girly look to go up a notch, why not add ribbons onto your sneakers? Logical, right? Not to mention stylish!

6.) Floral Sneaker

What could be more fun and girly than a sneaker aced with dainty floral designs, right?

You see, there’s more to sneakers than just the white ones. Yes, I love plain white sneakers and it’s important that you have at least one. But why would you want to limit your street style to them? As you can see from the list above, you can actually add more of your “girly” personality into your choice of footwear. If you really want to upgrade your street style, I highly suggest doing some upgrade on your sneaker choices first.

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