V-day Gift Ideas: 5 Cool Gifts for Him

So late last night, as I was about to hit the sack, I got a text from my BFF, Felicity. Because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we got to chatting about the big day. But it turns out, one of the closest friends in the whole world hated V-day. Why? Well, according to her, “FIGURING OUT WHAT TO GET FOR YOUR BOYFRIEND IS JUST IMPOSSIBLE!!!” Yup, this is verbatim—all caps and all! Lol!

Lucky for Felicity—and those who are having trouble looking for the perfect gift for their SOs—I’m here to help. You see, I do understand that the last few days coming into V-day is going to be full of anxieties. What will I wear? Where will we go? What should I give him? Of course, when it comes to gifts for your man, aside from making him feel special, you should get him something that he would really use. You know, something simple and practical—something that he could really use. So to take out all the stress of finding your man the perfect V-day gift, here are the 10 cool gifts for the number one man in your life:

V-day Gift Idea #1: Thom Browne Sweater

It’s a woolen knit sweater with a pattern of a dog—what could possibly be more cooler than that?! Lol! Seriously though, your man will surely love this as it’s comfy and it’s stylish, not to mention he would surely appreciate your sense of humor. Plus, it’s from Thom Browne, one of the top designers in world right now.

V-day Gift Idea #2: DSQUARED2 Jeans

Just one look at the picture, and you’d know that it’s definitely a manly man’s jeans. This rugged, damaged jeans will surely bring out your BF’s manliness in him without compromising comfort and elegance.

V-day Gift Idea #3: Nike Air Huarache

As most of you must know, sneakers will always be most men’s favorite footwear. And what better way to make fuel your man’s sneaker passion than this pair of Nikes! Your man will surely love this sporty yet edgy sneaks, I know mine will.

V-day Gift Idea #4: Thom Browne Shirt

Even if your man is simple T-shirt/jeans kind of guy, sometimes he needs to dress up a bit in some occasions. Here’s something that will make him look dapper without compromising his down-to-earth sensibilities.

V-day Gift Idea #5: Prada Manbag

However, if your man is someone who prides himself in looking his most snappy, this manbag by no other than Prada is the best V-day gift for him. It’s flawlessly crafted, it has a luxurious leather finish, and it definitely looks elegant—what more can your man ask for?

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to pick a great gift for your boyfriend or husband. In fact, I can actually name a hundred more! But alas, this is all the space I have! Lol! Anyways, I hope this list could help you with your hunt for the best Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life. Plus, I hope you’ll have a great time on your V-day date—and that goes to you too, Felicity! 🙂

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