Valentine’s Day Pro Tip: What to Wear Inside

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and when the big day comes, we must be ready, outside and in. What am I talking about? Well, V-day comes only once a year and we have to be ready for it. Planning a romantic dinner is just half of it—when the day comes, you should have something extra for your significant other. To set the perfect mood, you should have the perfect music, ambiance, food, and of course, the perfect outfit. So now, you’ve got your sexy dress—all you need is something equally spicy to wear underneath.

Yup, wearing the perfect lingerie is definitely the cherry on top of a perfect Valentine’s date night. In fact, most men will agree that it’s the best gift they could have this special day. Isn’t it amazing that you bought something for yourself and they still think that it’s the best gift for them? Lol! Anyways, if you really want your Valentine’s date night extra special, I highly suggest those sultry intimates.

Of course, buying a lingerie can be a daunting task for most. Heck, I truly understand that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all those laces, materials, cuts, and designs that you have to think about—I was once a “lingerie-virgin” too! Lol! If you’re having a hard time getting the perfect intimates, here are some pointers you should look into:

Confidence is Key

Most of you must think this is such a cliche’ but it’s the truth—to be sexy, you have to be confident. How can you even radiate those sexy vibes if you don’t even feel sexy in what you’re wearing? So if you’re picking a lingerie, the first thing you should think about is: Can I wear this confidently?

Complement Your Figure

As you all know, not every fabric or cut will look great on every body. That’s why it is important that you choose something that not only fits your body, but actually flatters your body and even highlights your best assets. To help you out in choosing the right ones, here are some quick guides:

  • Curvy – choose something that offers full coverage that would really hold both your breast and behind nicely. You can also go for one-piece nighties and negligees.
  • Tummy – if you’re having tummy issues, high cut panties and sheer baby doll camisole can definitely help conceal those problems. A decorative bra that shows cleavage can also help pull your S.O.’s eyes up there.
  • Booty – if you’re blessed with a great booty, the best way to show them off is by wearing a pair of “boy shorts”. They’re sexy and they can definitely highlight those lovely rumps.
  • Lanky – if you’re tall and lean, it’s best that you go with the classic bra and panties paired with a sexy garter. This will accentuate your shape better.
  • Petite – for those blessed with a petite body, a short nightie or a stunning corset should do the trick.

Have Fun

Lastly, the point of all these is for you and your loved one to have fun. Just throw those baggage off your shoulders, relax, and chill out! Be extra playful and celebrate Valentine’s day in an unforgettable way. Keep in mind that this day is the time to indulge in all things romantic so make sure to be extra sweet with your S.O.

Anyways, that’s it for me. I’m getting ready for the Valentine’s myself! Lol! I hope that these tips could help you get the prefect lingerie for you—and of course, your partner. Cheers to a perfect Valentine’s filled with love and romance all around!

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