Workwear 2.0: Upgrading Your Office Wardrobe

It’s common knowledge that most people hate Mondays. Ever wonder why? Some people said that hating Mondays is practically equivalent to hating your job but I beg to disagree. I, myself, hate Mondays; and it’s not because I hate my job or I dread going to work. One of the reasons, I think, is because Mondays symbolizes the end of the weekend—which as we all know, everybody loves. Another very plausible reason why we hate Mondays is because we can’t seem to get our workwear going for us on Monday mornings, right? And because of that, we end up with the same boring pieces we always wear on the start of every week.

When it comes to workwear, the best way to go is to upgrade your wardrobe. It doesn’t really have to be a major wardrobe overhaul. All you need to do is to add certain stylish pieces that would help elevate your whole work wardrobe. Interested? Scroll down and check out these stylish pieces that would certainly spice up your basic workwear:

Sleek Slacks

Yup, adding this seemingly simple slacks can  do wonders to your work wardrobe. How? Well, because it has a neutral color, you can wear these babies with pretty much any tops and shoes you have in your wardrobe. Aside from its versatility, these slacks can certainly add to your chic factor in the office with its sleek and “high-fashion” appeal to them. Talk about a great addition to make your workwear look more stylish, right?

Patent Loafers

Of course, my first option will always be high heels when it comes to shoes. However, we should always have more options to add variety to our office look. For you to have more options, I highly suggest getting yourself a statement loafer. This will make you look more classy than when you’re just wearing a simple flat. Furthermore, loafers are always known to be one of the most comfortable shoes.

Statement Blouse

If you think your office look has become too boring to endure the whole week, you can always opt for a statement blouse. Tops like these will not only turn heads but will make your bosses notice you. Just a quick reminder, though: make sure to choose the one that’s not too different and/or loud. You have to remember that you’re in the office and for professionalism, your clothes should be workplace appropriate.

Hip Skirt

When I said your clothes should be “workplace appropriate”, it doesn’t mean you should opt for boring pieces. Take this skirt, for example—it still looks classy and proper for office us, but with fun elements that makes it such a hip style for the young and the young at heart.

So how do we fight the Monday Blues? With being stylish and hip of course! Get to know more about these products and other pieces by clicking here or by clicking on the image or on the links.

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