Dresses: Essentials Every Girl Should Own

I’m sure we can all agree that every girl (or woman, whichever you prefer) should own at least one dress. But let me get this straight, it doesn’t mean that owning just a single dress is A-okay though. That’s because a girl or a woman’s wardrobe will never be complete with only one dress in their closets. With so many types and styles of dresses for so many purposes, owning a single one just wouldn’t cut it, right? It’s like you’re saying that it’s okay to own just one pants. Where’s the fun in that? That’s why in this post, I’m going to be listing down all the essential dresses every girl should own. Are you ready with your pen and paper? Here goes:

Work Dress

The name itself is self explanatory—it’s for work. So, would you be wearing the same dress every day? Of course not, right? So just for the work dress alone, you should at least have six or seven dresses—one for each day of the week.I know that you won’t be going to work the whole week but having at least two extra dresses in emergency cases will surely help a lot.

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses and/or floor-length dresses epitomizes chic comfort. It’s like you saying: “I’m confident and cool” without uttering a word. That’s how powerful this type of dress is. Plus, it’s also a versatile piece that you can wear it when you hit the beach, when you’re out malling with your girlfriends, or you can even add layers over it so you can look extra stylish when you’re travelling. Definitely a must-have, right?

Shift & Sun Dresses

I don’t know exactly why it got it’s name but I think it’s because you can easily “shift” or move in this type of dress. Based on that bit of info alone, you can tell that shift dresses are going to be comfy to wear. And because this type of dress is usually sleeveless, short and has a straight with a simple line, it’s definitely one of the (if not THE) comfiest. Plus the fact that you can pretty much wear however and/or with whatever you like, it’s a pretty multi-faceted piece every girl would surely appreciate. Same goes with sun dresses, it’s usually made from light materials. This would allow the air to easily seep through the fabric. Hence, making the sun dress perfect for summer.

Sweater Dress

When the temperature drops, you wouldn’t be able to rely on shifts and maxis, right? That’s why you should also own a sweater dress that could be worn on its own or make it a layering piece. You’ll certainly be snug and comfy and at the same time, look fabulous.

Formal & Cocktail Dresses

This one is also self explanatory. For weddings, formal dinners, and other special events, formal dresses are the only appropriate clothes you’ll be able to wear. But if you’re going to a dinner event that’s not that formal—-from dinners to parties—the cocktail dress is your best option.


Last but definitely not the least, the LBD. The LBD or the Little Black Dress is definitely a girl’s best friend. Why? Well, if you’re in a dire situation when you can’t just find the right dress to wear in any occasion, the LBD is your go-to piece. You can wear it in formal events and even in casual occasions. It’s just a matter of combining this amazing dress with the right pieces to make the look work.

These are pretty much every essential dresses I can think of that every girl should have in their closets. If you have anything more to add to this list, feel free to comment below. If you’re interested in the dresses I’ve featured in the pic above, just click on the images and the links to know where you can get these stylish pieces. Until next time, take care, every one! 🙂


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