Knitwear Care 101: How to Make It Last

Hello there. How’s everyone doing? As for me, I was a bit under the weather these past few days. What with the freezing temp we had to endure the past weeks, I’m sure a lot has already been sick like I was. Good thing I have many knitwear in my closet to keep me company during my ordeal. LOL! Anyways, I’m fine now and I hope you are too.

Yes, I love knitwear. I’m sure many would agree with me on this but it’s mainly because for me, they’re the ultimate winter wear. Even if you’re not a fashionista, I’m sure you’ll appreciate what knitwear can do for you. Because aside from their visual appeal, knits are really popular for their comfort. Especially if you go for those extra soft fabrics like wool and cashmere, they really feel good on our skin. And when it’s cold, knitwear provide us with plenty of warmth, making it a favorite during fall and winter.

However, with all these wonderful things we hear about knits, why do some people still doesn’t like them. Well, from what I’ve heard, many of them think that knits don’t last long. They said that they either easily shrink, stretch out of shape, and/or look shabby after washing them just once. Well, I wouldn’t contest their claims against knitwear because, yes, they’re notorious for those problems—that is, of course, when you have no idea caring for them properly. So how do you properly take care of your knitwear and how can you ensure they stay as beautiful as the they you bought them? Here are some things to remember:

Knitwear Care #1: Do Not Hang Them

As most fabrics, there are proper ways to store knits in your closet. Never,ever, EVER hang them. Like I said, knits, especially the soft kinds like cashmere and wool, are very stretchable. If you hang them, chances are, they would stretch out of shape in not time. The best thing to do when storing them is to fold them.

Knitwear Care #2: Get Rid of Bobbles

Bobbles are those small balls of strands that you often see in most knitwear. These are usually created when two pieces of fabric rub against each other. How do you get rid of these? Easy. Use an electric razor. Just skim your razor on the surface of the fabric and say bye, bye to those annoying bobbles.

Knitwear Care #3: Comb Them Before Washing

Yup, you actually have to comb them before throwing them into the washing machine to remove the snags. This way, no part of the knitwear would get entangled with your other laundries. This will also help remove hairs and excess lint on your knits.

Knitwear Care #4: Wash With Care

Yes you can stick them to your laundry. Just make sure that you use cold water and they’re are separated from other garments. Also, it is better to use baby shampoo when washing your knits. This will help keep the fabric soft and avoid soap and water stains. Also, wash them gently and avoid washing them too long. The longer your knits are submerged in the water, the more they are likely to fade and to lose their shape.

Knitwear Care #5: Keep Them Dry

When storing knits, make sure that they are always dry. That’s because just a little moisture can actually cause mold, mildew, or discoloration on your most beloved knitwear.

See how easy it is to take care of them? It’s just a matter of taking care of them properly so that they can take care of you, right? Anyways, that’s it for me. Hope you get something from this. If you want to build on your knitwear collection, check out the knits I’ve featured in the pics above. Just click on the images to go directly to the product or click on the links to go to the main page of the online shop where I got these fab knitwear.

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