Why Some Haute Couture Shows Are Weird

Last weekend, while just lazing in my couch and flipping through the channels, I came across this interesting fashion show. I really didn’t notice what show it was because, honestly, it baffled me. I think it was in Paris, but I’m not really sure. The reason why I got so distracted is because the models were wearing something that you and I won’t normally wear. Yup, like true “haute couture” fashion shows, the clothes were a bit freakish.

However, strange as it may seemed, I was drawn into those clothes. In fact, I genuinely liked them. Why? Well. for starters, they really look so darn comfortable with those padded velvety gowns. Secondly, they actually look really, really good. The models looked a little like an oriental Queen Amidala, actually, and I adore the Star Wars icon and her clothes. I think the reason why many feel a bit averse by them is because they are unconventional. But if you think about it, some are not really “far out” at all, they’re just different from what we usually wear.

Queen Padme Amidala

So why are high fashion shows feature something really different from what we are used to seeing normal people wear? Read on:

It’s an Art

Just think of high fashion, haute couture show designers as artists. They are there to showcase their craft and artistic freedom. The clothes, though wearable, aren’t really to be made to be worn as an every day clothes but merely an artistic exploration of these amazing artists.

It’s an Innovation

High fashion haute couture shows mostly feature the top tier fashion, avant garde, and the highest standard in craftsmanship from the world’s top fashion houses. This means that they are the forefront of clothing design where new ideas—-from the designs to the new materials and new clothes making techniques—for different aesthetic and/or practical use are first thought of. These new innovations are then where “regular” clothing companies get their new ideas from to make new clothes that could be worn by regular folks like you and I.

It’s Entertainment

Shows like these are meant to dazzle. Many people watch high fashion shows to have fun and to be entertained. And shows like these wouldn’t be as interesting if we only see models strutting up and down the catwalk wearing only regular clothes. It’s about being outlandish to grab the audience attention.

So you see, “weird” fashion show clothes are important. Without them, we won;t be able to come up with new designs and trends in fashion. More than just to entertain people, we could also get new ideas from these so we’d be able to incorporate these innovations to clothes we can actually wear. Just take a look at these stylish designs below—you may be able to wear them on the streets now but these styles were actually taken from high fashion shows:

  • Knitted Sweater & Skirt Set-Fur Vest-Chunky Heel Pull-on Boots by 11am

  • Ribbon Sleeves Knit Turtleneck-High-Low Hem Midi/Mini Skirt-Leather Knee-High Boots by Dark Victory

  • Elbow-Sleeve Knit Top-Tiered Skirt-Slip-on Sneakers by Little Black

Like any of the outfits featured here? Just click on the images and/or the links and visit the websites where you can get these chic clothes. Again, thanks for reading and have a safe and stylish day ahead! 🙂

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