Flats: Not A Backup For Heels Anymore

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We all certainly love those killer stilettos. And why not, high heels have long been a symbol of sophistication. Honestly,  if I can, I would rock them everywhere and everyday. But the thing is, I can’t. You see, killer stilettos may be glam, but they’re also a killer when it comes to our health. How? Well, wearing high heels too much can cause a simple damaged toe nails to a much serious muscle pain and spasms. Even if you’re not feeling anything yet, you could easily develop bone deformities and other problems such as bunions and osteoarthritis. Scary, right? That’s why many women (including myself) bring an extra shoe to work as a backup in case our feet hurt. And that “backup shoe” is usually the simple but very comfy flats.

Yup, lowly flats are often seen as an alternative, second-option, reserve, a backup. Well, actually, that was before. We’re happy to say that flats such as loafers, slides, slingbacks, etc. are in the spotlight. In fact, they’re quickly becoming a favorite among celebrities and other A-listers. And it’s all because of the thousands of glamorous flats that popped out in recent years. Now, we don’t have to suffer the whole day wearing something uncomfortable just to look good. With glamorous flats, you can be comfortable and at the same time fab! Here are some of my faves recently:

Faux Leather Buckled Mules by Dark Victory

They’re ultra comfy and it looks great in skirt, shorts, pants, and dresses. What more can you ask for in a pair of shoes, really? The best thing about these glam flats? Well you can wear them as a mule or a regular loafer. How cool is that?

Knee-High Suede Boots by Dark Victory

Just look at them—aren’t they fabulous? As you can see here, these knee-high boots will surely add glam into your outfit. And because they’re suede, they’re glam and comfy at the same time.

Bejeweled Pointed Flats by Attrangs

Just one look at these babies and you’d know that they’re elegant as elegant can be. With their satin-like finish and jewel accents, it’s definitely going to be hard not to notice them. Truly an amazing pair of flats that can add sophistication to any outfit.

 Ankle Strap Flats by Attrangs

These shoes may not be as flashy as the previous ones, but they definitely doesn’t lack in sophistication and style. These adorable pair can also be worn with pretty much any clothes you have in your closet—from shorts and jeans to dresses and skirts.

 Camo Sneakers by 11am

Okay, I admit that sneakers aren’t supposed to be included in this list of “stiletto alternatives” but what can I say, they’re too damn cute! And just by looking at the pic, you can really tell that they’re ultra comfy.

Hoop Accent Loafers by 11am

This list will not be a true “stiletto sub” list if there are no loafers. But since we’re going for “glammer” alternatives, it’d be best if we go with this baby right here. These loafers may be super comfy, but rest assured that they won’t sacrifice style.

As you can see in the pics above, these flats aren’t just simple, heels substitute shoes anymore. They’re actually in their own glam zone. In fact, they’re quickly becoming this year’s shoes of the moment. Okay, that’s it! Bye, and thanks for reading. See you on my next blog, constant readers! 🙂

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