Insta-Tips: Boosting Your Instagram Game

I admit, I’m an Instagram addict—so sue me! Lol! Yes, I’m always on my phone either to post something or to browse through my Instagram feed. Why? Well, aside from being able to “spy” on my favorite celebrities, I just can’t believe how amazing most of them look in their pictures. Of course, I know that they’re blessed with good looks and all but it’s not just about that. You see, they just know how to work the camera. This means that if celebrities can do it, why can’t we, right? If you’re interested in boosting your Instagram game, here are some Insta-tips you might find helpful:

Insta-Tips #1: YOUR Instagram, YOUR Way

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So how do you want your feed to look? Or more specifically, how would you want yourself to look in your pics? Well, it may sound cliche’ but the best thing to do is to be yourself. It’s YOUR Instagram, anyway, so you should do it however you like. Assess yourself and just follow your instincts. For instance, if you think you’re a naturally funny girl, go ahead and post those wacky faces. If you really like how sexy you look, go ahead and post those provocative selfies. Just keep in mind that you’ll be posting your picture on the Internet for the whole world to see. So always be mindful of what you’re going to be posting. However, if you really can’t decide, check out celebrity feeds to get…ahem…”inspirations”. Some of the most popular Insta-celebrities out there include: The Kardashian/Jenner sisters, Taylor Swift, Riri, and Beyoncé.

Insta-Tips #2: It’s All in the Angles, Baby


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Angles are vital to any type of photography—-yes, even in selfies and Instagram pics. So you know what to do ladies! Lol! Yup, work it in front of the mirror and find the best angles that would work for you. Which side do you look extra pretty? Which angle makes you look more alluring? It’s also going to be helpful and do a bit of “research” by observing how your fave celebs project in front of the camera. If you find anything interesting in any of them, again, try the pose yourself in front of the mirror. As they say, practice makes perfect so try every angle and just pick those that suit you.

Insta-Tips #3: Mind Your Posture, Ladies


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Of course, capturing the perfect you in a pic will also require a perfect posture. So aside from your face, you will need to work on your poses. Here are some things to try out: put one leg in front of the other—this will make you look taller and slimmer. You can also try placing one hand on your hip—this will make you look more relaxed. Same as what I’ve said about the angles, the key here is to try different things in front of the mirror and choose those that make you look more poised and elegant. Oh, and never, ever, ever slouch ’cause it will make you look shorter and a few pounds heavier.

Insta-Tips #4: Check Your Lighting and Background

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Of course, whenever you’re taking pictures, you should always be mindful of what’s around you. First off, the lighting, many photogs will tell you that natural light is always the best. This means that the sun is your best friend. If, however, it’s nighttime or you’re indoors, try to look for a light source and shoot facing it than going against it. Never use your phone’s flash. As for the backdrop, do a test shot to check if your backdrop looks okay, if not, try different angles or location.

Insta-Tips #5: Skin Care & Cosmetics Plays a Huge Role

If you have acne and blemishes on your face, how do you think you would look like in your picture? Especially when you’re keen on really close selfies, any flaws on your skin will certainly wreak havoc on your photos. So always take care of your skin. How? Here are some products you should invest in to make sure your skin will always look healthy and vibrant:

1.) Cleansing Foam

2.) Toner

3.) Essence

4.) Moisturizer

5.) Facial Mask

Well, that’s it! I hope you find these tips helpful for your quest for Instagram glory! Lol! Anyway, I’ve been doing these tricks for quite awhile now and they sure did work for me—I hope it does to you too. Moreover, taking care of your skin isn’t just about for your Instagram or Facebook or Pinterest. These skin care tips will truly make your skin look more amazing. Celebrity skin, even in person? Yup, you can as well. So if you’re interested in the skin care products in the pics above, just click them or on the links. It’ll take you to where I usually buy my skincare stuff.

Anyways,  That’s it for me! Thank you for reading and please do check out my other blog posts. Also, if you have any suggestions to add on to these tips or if you have any comment, just leave them in the comments section below. Till next time! Ta-ta! 🙂

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