How to Look Fresh Even When You’re Sleep-Deprived

Okay, I understand that the women of today are go-getters. Yes, we’re always too busy both with work and play that we tend to  sacrifice sleep. And that’s not good isn’t it? Aside from the fact that sleep deprivation can lead to serious health problems, you will also feel sluggish and dreadfully sleepy the next day. Furthermore, if you haven’t had enough rest the night before, how do you think you will look in the office the next day? You’ll look like a zombie, most probably. So how to make yourself look fresh even when you didn’t get enough sleep from partying the night before? Here are some helpful tips:

Ice-Cold Water

Nope, this won’t require soaking yourself with a bucketful of iced water. Just splash your face with some cold water and it can immediately revitalize your skin—giving it a more toned and smoother look. Furthermore, washing your face with cold water can help alert your brain and awaken your senses. So if you’re feeling sleepy or sluggish, try this out now.

Cold “Spooning”

It’s not what you think. Lol! This requires two clean spoons left in your freezer overnight. After a hard day’s work or partying till the wee hours of the morning, you can expect puffy eyes the next day for sure. So to “depuff” those peepers, rubbing cold spoons around the eye area, especially under the eyes, can instantly make your eyes look less puffy and more vibrant.

Water Therapy

We all know dehydration will make you feel and look more tired. Drink a glassful of water after you wake up to help you feel more energetic and look more healthy. This is especially more important if you’ve had some drinks (the alcoholic kind) the night before.

Moisturize Your Skin

Applying a generous amount of moisturizer on your face can definitely reinvigorate your skin’s youthful glow in an instant. But make sure that the moisturizer is absorbed well by your skin before applying any makeup. This can cause your foundation and other heavy makeup to cake.

Conceal Dark Circles

The dark rings around your eyes are  going to look more hideous as hours go by, and that’s going to affect, of course, your look. Cover them up using a concealer—the liquid kind when the circles aren’t too dark and the sold cream or cake concealers if the circles are too dark.

Lashes and Liners

This is just a trick that creates an optical illusion that will make your eyes look more lively. Apply one or two coats of volumizing mascara; then, use a pale eye liner. This will make your eyes look more alert. ’nuff said!

Blush and Bronze

Your skin will definitely look paler than usual when you don’t have enough sleep. Same as the eye makeup, the trick here is to create an illusion that you have a vibrant healthy skin using a blush and/or a bronzer.

Lip Service

Don’t have enough time (and probably energy) to do all these makeup routines? Easy. Just slap on your brightest, boldest lipstick and so you can attract attention to your lips rather than your pale skin.

This “how to” article is just about helping you making yourself look fresh whenever you haven’t had enough sleep.  But keep in mind that a good night’s sleep is still the best solution to this problem. So when  you get home after work, make sure you hit the sack as early as possible for you to be able to catch up with your sleep.

Well, that’s it! Hope you get some pointers from here. Do you have any makeup or skin care tips to add to this “how to” article? If you do, just share them with us through the comments section below. Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead! 🙂

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