Minimalist Party Wear: Keep It Simple This New Year

It’s really been a rough year this 2016, don’t you think? With so many well-loved celebrities we’ve lost this year, I really think it’s time to say good bye to this year, once and for all. How? New Year would not be complete without the festivities so bring out the fireworks, the food, and the champagne. Yup, it’s time to party! And when it comes to parties, most fashionistas will definitely go all-out with their party garbs—sequins, glitters, red lipsticks and all! If you’re looking to standout in the party, the best thing to do is to choose a minimalist party wear.

You see,  with a minimalist outfit, you’ll definitely pop out from the crowd of sparkly party-goers. In fact, it’s more than just being unique, it’s also about keeping it chic; because, let’s face it, there’s more chic than keeping things simple and elegant, right? So if you want to end 2016 with a bang! Be different by keeping things simple. Check out these six minimalist outfits that will surely turn heads amid the jubilant celebrations this New Year’s eve:

Minimalist Party Wear #1: Knit Dress/Black Tights/Brightly Colored Accessories

Plain and simple yet chic and elegant—that’s what being a minimalist fashionista is all about. As you can see from the picture below, this knit dress and tights combo truly brings out the best in minimalist fashion. You can also think of this getup as a blank canvass where you can dabble with accessories of all types and colors. Just a quick reminder though, don’t put too much accessories in as it would defeat the purpose of going minimalist.

Minimalist Party Wear #2: All-Black Sweater and Leggings Outfit/Brightly Colored Accessories

When it comes to minimalist fashion, nothing says elegance more than an all-black ensemble. You can pretty much treat this attire like the first one—adding unique and colorful accessories to make your look more interesting. Plus, because it’s made up of sweats and tights, you’ll be comfy till the morning.

Minimalist Party Wear #3: Minimalist Layers

Speaking of comfy, we all know that to be comfy this season, you’ll have to keep yourself fully covered. If you’re going to an outdoor party, I highly suggest you wear some layers. Check out the minimalist fashionista’s take on layering—chic, right?

Minimalist Party Wear #4: Pearl Bead Pullover/Black Pants

Going minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean choosing only plain garments. As you can see from the picture below, you can also play around with some prints, patterns, or in this case, beads. They key is to add some elements to your clothes moderately. And if you’re going to be wearing something that has ornaments in it, make sure that your pants, skirt, or bottom is plain.

Minimalist Party Wear #5: Long-sleeved Minimalist Dress/ Printed Scarf/Silver Accessories

This is pretty much the same as the first one I’ve suggested, although in this case, it’s black and the sleeves are long. This is actually more elegant than the first one because, as most of you would surely agree, there’s nothing more elegant than a little black dress. And with the printed scarf and silver accessories, this look is definitely going to turn heads in the party.

Minimalist Party Wear #6: Black Midi Dress with Festive Colorful Prints

Okay, I agree that New Year’s eve parties are meant to be more fun than wearing something plain. If you’re really into that festive look, you can choose this printed dress. It still has its minimalist elegance in it but it will surely add color to your look.

Interested in getting these chic attires for your New Year’s eve party? Just click on the images to see details on each product. You can also click on the links to browse through the online shop where you can buy stylish minimalist clothes at an affordable price.

Happy New Year everyone and enjoy the party! 🙂

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