Proposal Fail: Gigi Hadid Said No To Zayn Malik?

From a failed engagement to a failed proposal within a year? Zayn Malik looks like he’s going on a roll! After less than a year of being together, reports have been going around lately that former One Direction hunk, Zayn Malik actually went down on his knees to ask for Victoria’s Secret Angel Gigi Hadid’s hand in marriage. Other girls would’ve surely say YES in split second. But reports say that Gigi actually said NO, saying that it’s “too fast” for her! OUCH!

The Zayn & Gigi Whirlwind Romance

If you’ve been following Gigi’s career as I have been, you’d know that she and Zayn, has been dating for quite a few months now. Since November of last year to be exact. And though they look so good together, people weren’t really that keen on their relationship. Why? Well, Zayn actually came from a failed engagement from Little Mix singer, Perrie Edwards. Of course the X Factor alumni would get all the sympathy from people since it was Zayn who called off their engagement. And to make things worse, he and Gigi started dating after just a few months from Zayn breaking up with Perrie.

Well, that’s been over with. Fast forward to today, people are starting to get used to the idea of the two being together. Their relationship has actually been going smoothly lately as we often see them together and they both seemed happy. But their relationship wasn’t smooth all the way, mind you. There were, of course, some ups—from Gigi being made the star of Zayn’s music video for his debut solo single, Pillowtalk, to their romantic spread for Vogue magazine last April. And there were some downs—particularly, their breakup in June. But like I said, everything’s going smoothly for them lately—-that is until he, reportedly popped the question. Yikes!

So Why Did Gigi Turned Down Zayn’s Engagement Proposal

Okay, according to most reports, Gigi turned down Zayn’s proposal because the 21-year old model said she “she’s not ready” and he was moving “too fast.” Well, honestly, her reason is understandable. Aside from the fact that they’ve just been together in less than a year, Zayn actually just came from a failed engagement. Plus, she’s only 21 and she has her whole life ahead of her.

Furthermore, we also have to think of Gigi’s point of view when it comes to her family. Gigi’s mother, former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Hadid, divorced Gigi’s father. And her mother recently split from music producer husband David Foster. After her mom’s two messy divorces, Gigi is surely aware of her mom’s mistakes and is wary of repeating them. So you see, for me, Gigi made the right decision. If you’re not ready yet, say no! Marriage is definitely not a walk in the park. So to Gigi, I just wanna say: WAY TO GO, GIRL! and to Zayn: Seriously, what were you thinking?!

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