Selfie 101: Tips For Snapping The Right One

About two years ago, Ellen Degeneres took a selfie with a bunch of people and it literally broke the Internet! Why? Well it just so happens that Ellen was hosting the Oscars at that time and those “bunch of people” we’re talking about are Hollywood A-listers. No effort in reaping likes and retweets and reposts there, right?

For us mere mortals, however, we just don’t have that much “star power” to get the same online attention. Unless you’re going to be hosting the Academy Awards any time soon, scoring tons of “likes” for our selfies will take a bit of effort. With effort, I mean putting in some work in taking selfies than just pointing the phone cam at your face. Most everyone probably knows how to take a selfie but the question is, do most of us know how to capture the right one?

If you’re tired of always seeing dull pictures in your Instagram, Pinterest, and/or Facebook pages, here are some tricks that could help you improve your selfie skills:

The Lighting

As important is it is in actual photography, finding the right lighting is essential in capturing the perfect selfie. With the right lighting, especially if it’s natural light, it’ll make your skin look amazing. So if you’re indoors, make sure that you’re standing near a window where there’s enough natural light coming in before snapping a shot. You also have to make sure that you’re not standing against the light or else the outcome will be so dark, you’ll look like a silhouette. If, however, you’re going to be taking a selfie where there are no natural light source, just make sure that it’s bright enough in the room.

The Angle

Always consider the best angle when taking a selfie. How are you going to find your best angle? Well, you can start by doing some test shots then just choose the right ones that make you look your best. One trick that could help you is tilting your head at an angle. This simple trick can highlight your cheekbones and makes your eyes look bigger.┬áLike I said, you should do some practice shots first so you’ll know if the trick works for you or not. Practice shots can also help you find your signature angle and/or pose.

The Filter

On Instagram or even on your phone, there are a lot of filters and effects you can use to make your selfies more interesting. It will also create the overall mood in your feeds. If you’re going for a retro mood, there are sepia-colored and black and white filters that you can use. My advice is just play around with the filters available and experiment on each one of them. Then look for the right one that you think will look good on you.

The Props

In taking selfies, props can also be used to your advantage. Props include, books, cups, eyeglasses, hats, or even your clothes. Of course the clothes you’re going to be wearing will play a huge part in how your selfie will turn out. If you’re thinking of building on an selfie/OOTD worthy wardrobe, here are some online fashion shops you can get affordable yet fashionable clothes from:

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So that’s it! I hope this blog can help you create a more Instagram-worthy selfie. If you want to add on this, please feel free to comment in the comment section below. And lastly before I go, just keep in mind that selfies are suppose to be fun, so don’t overthink it. a selfie that looks like it’s been worked on too long or it looks like it’s taken seriously are never going to be a good one. That’s the secret actually—have fun!

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