OOTDs: How to Spice Things Up

If you’re a certified fashionista, putting together OOTDs is definitely a challenge in itself. Making your outfits stand out from the rest, however, is a whole new level of fashionista skill. Yes, it can be fun and exciting but let’s face it, it can be tough as well. You see, being uniquely stylish isn’t as easy as it sounds. You could either look fashionably avant garde or you could end up looking… well, quirky. And believe me, you wouldn’t want to be tagged as “too peculiar” in fashion cliques.

That’s why when it comes to my own OOTDs, yes, I always have fun in putting them together. But, of course, not to the point of looking like an oddball. The thing is, you shouldn’t go overboard in what you’re wearing. Of course, it’s okay to add some trinkets to make a dull outfit look more interesting. But, like I said, wearing too many or too loud is definitely a huge fashion faux pas. So how can you spice up your OOTDs without going to extremes? Here are some ideas:

Loud Vs Basic Accessories

Keep in mind that this only works when you’re wearing a rather ho-hum outfit. If you’re going out wearing a jeans and shirt ensemble, for instance, that’s the best time to go all-out with your accessories. On the other hand, if you’re going to be wearing something flashy, it would be better if you stick to basic accessories. Also, keep in mind that bags and belts are also considered as accessories, which means that this rule applies to these items as well.

Choosing Colors

Same with choosing colors for your outfit pieces, you shouldn’t go overboard or you’ll end up looking like a clown. If you’re the kind of girl who stick to neutral or basic colors like black, white, and grays, you can have ┬ámore room playing around with accessories (jewelries, bags, belts, socks, etc.) with vibrant hues. This will certainly make your basic getup look more fun and fashionable. If, however, you like showing off your colorful personality thru your clothes, then I suggest you stick to accessories in basic colors like gold and silver.

Go for Textured Pieces

Choosing something to wear that would make you stand out doesn’t just mean wearing loud and flashy. Sometimes (or most of the time) it’s just a matter of cleverly adding textured pieces into your outfit. Believe me, it can also be so fab. Just look at the image above—effortlessly fabulous, right? This velvety blouse will certainly change your entire OOTD game!

These are just some of the things you should consider if you’re thin king of boosting your #OOTD game. Of course, there are a lot more tips and tricks out there, waiting to be shared. If you have any, please feel free to share with us through the comment section below. Until then, I hope this blog can be of help to your way to #OOTD success.

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