Fitness: Why Running and Lifting is Good for You

So you’ve finally decided to turn turn your life around and get some good ‘ol exercise done. Good for you, sister! Keep in mind that it’ll be hard at first but if you keep at it and once you get the hang of it, you’ll feel a lot better than you’ve ever been before. I promise. You see, when it comes to physical fitness routines and exercises, you’ll initially feel sore, especially if you’ve been lifting weights. But like I said, after the initial pains, you will certainly see and feel the difference. And I guarantee you, you’ll love it!


When people ask me about my fitness routines, I always say the same thing: I do some lifting at the gym and some cardio. That’s because they’re both essential. So if you really want to see and feel immediate results for all your hard work, you should put effort on both types of exercises and not only one. In fact, finding the right balance between the two is key to seeing significant changes in your body. Why? Well, to understand how it works, we have to look closely on how both cardio (running) and lifting weights differ:

Fitness 101: Lifting Weights & Cardio Benefits


Lifting weights at the gym is something you will need to do if you want to tone your muscles. Remember Ronda Rousey’s biceps and triceps? Well, those are certainly impossible if it weren’t for weight lifting. That’s because weight lifting is the fastest way to target certain muscle groups (like Ronda’s biceps) and build up and/or tone that particular area. Aside from the looks (who wouldn’t want toned arms a la Ronda, right?) weight lifting offers other benefits. This includes a stronger body, which in turn helps your body prevent injuries.

Cardiovascular exercises, on the other hand, can offer benefits beyond just physical. Yes, of course, we all know that cardios like running and aerobics are a great way to burn those pesky fats and lose weight. But aside from those, cardio can also help in improving your mental health. That’s because when you do cardio exercises regularly, your body releases endorphins in your brain. If you don’t know what endorphins are, they can reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. Plus, they are your body’s natural painkillers so you can say goodbye to those recurring headaches when you run regularly.



Yup, lifting weights and running regularly is good for you, however, like everything else, doing them too much can also be bad for you. So if you’re thinking of hitting the gym and/or go running, do not overdo them. Too much cardio could entail to susceptibility to injuries such as shin splints, tendon and joint pain, and stress fractures. Improper weight lifting, on the other hand, could entail to even more severe injuries than running. So before hitting the gym, you should consult a trainer and ask for the best exercise program to suit your needs.

Perfect Balance

Also, if you’re aiming for a great, toned body a la Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jessica Alba, or Jessica Biel, you will definitely have to have a complete fitness program, which will include not just workout routines but dietary plans as well. If you’re looking to build and tone muscles, you definitely won’t be able to achieve your goal doing cardio alone. On the other hand, lifting weights alone you’d be able to develop bulk, but you won’t get those sexy streamlined body. Like I said, balance is key here and doing one type of exercise more than the other will just not cut it. Getting fit is easy if you know what you’re doing so the best way to go about it is to seek a pro’s (a trainer or a doctor would do) advice first.

You’ve finally made the first step to getting physical fitness. That’s actually a big step towards your goal because others can’t even get the motivation to really get moving. The thing is you should follow it up with the right attitude and the right know-hows and you will surely get to where you want to go—to a sexier and healthier body! Get moving and good luck! 🙂

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