3 Glam Korean Outfits You’d Surely Want This Winter

Okay, so we’re well on our way to the middle of winter. And when temperatures drop to unbearable levels, we tend to shelf our cute outfits; and with them, our sense of style. Yup, for many, it’s that time again when they have to endure those boring fleece and dreadful winter boots. Do you ever stop to wonder why we tend to forget our glam sensibilities when winter comes? Just because it’s nippy outside, doesn’t mean we should sacrifice our style. It just means that we have to use our creativity to make your winter wear fashion work. And like a true helpful person that I am (haha!), I give you these three glam Korean outfits you should really have in your closet this winter:

For When It’s Just Cold: This Tweed A-Line Dress


When it’s not too cold outside, but cold enough to cause discomfort, you can always go with this tweed dress. Its material is thick enough and it has long sleeves to keep you warm on a not-so-cold day but it’ll still allow you to flaunt your feminine curves. Wear this glamorous dress with tights underneath and some ankle boots, and you’re ready to face the cold weather outside without sacrificing style. Gotta love this glam Korean outfits, right?

For When It’s Nippy Cold: This Mock Neck T-Shirt/Assymentrical Skirt Set


When the temperature drops a bit further, you still don’t need to bundle up and give up on being fashionable. Thanks to this T-shirt and skirt set, you’ll be able to look fabulous and at the same time, keep yourself comfortably warm. Like the first one I’ve featured here, this stylish shirt/dress combo is thick enough to provide enough protection from the cold. Plus, you can wear it with a thick stocking underneath or a thick jacket over, and you’ll be almost be fully covered, thus keeping you warm.

For When It’s Siberian Levels Cold: This Drawstring Waist and Hem Parka


Okay, say the temperature really drops to Arctic levels, what should you do? Well, if it gets unbearably cold and you really have to go out, you can opt for this parka. As shown in the picture above, you’ll be able to wear pretty much anything casual with it. And even if the parka looks bulky, you’ll still glam with its design. Moreover, because it’s thick enough, it provides ample insulation. Thus, you’ll be able to face even a blizzard with confidence.

Did you like this glam Korean outfits for winter season? There’s actually more where these came from. Just click here to go to the homepage where I got these. If you want to go directly to each product’s page, just click on the images and/or the links.

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