Beauty Regimens 101: The Big 3-0 Dilemma

So after a decade of all that razzle and dazzle that we generally know as “young adulthood”, you’ve finally arrived where you once thought to be an old person’s realm—THE BIG 3-0! No reason to panic though. You’ll soon realize that being in your twenties is not really that different from being thirty something. Aside from a few minor details, you’re basically the same. If your heart skipped on the mention of “minor details”, again, don’t you worry. I’m just talking about some things you should change in your lifestyle now that you’re on your way to being a legit adult, namely your diet and your beauty regimens.


When you were in your mid to late twenties, you probably noticed that your life has become a bit more vulnerable to stress. This is due to your changing lifestyle—shifting from being someone who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about (almost) anything to being a career woman. Now that you’re in your thirties, you probably know that your life is going to be a lot more stressful. What with all the work and non-work related activities, all that stress and sleep deprivation is certainly not going to be kind to your thirty-something body. That’s why you should take good care of it from now on. And you should start with getting enough exercise, watching what you eat and of course, changing your beauty regimens that would fit your age and your lifestyle.

About the exercise and the diet thingies, you should always consult with your personal trainer and a nutritionist. They’re the best people to get a more reliable info on what you should do to stay healthy. As for the beauty regimens, I think I could help you out a thing or two. Now that you’re in your thirties, you should resolve to trade your addiction to tanning, sparkly lip gloss, and other such juvenile vices and replace them with these:



As we grow older, our skin dries up faster, especially if we have an active lifestyle. For your skin to cope with your lifestyle, you should hydrate it more often using essence. These are concentrated formulas that can be absorbed by your skin faster than regular moisturizers.



In your thirties, your skin is going to be more prone to darkening and dulling. This skin pigmentation is caused by hormonal imbalances, which causes sun spots, acne, melasma patches. To help your skin avoid these patches, you should religiously use products with skin brighteners such as arbutin, kojic acid, vitamin C, licorice, soy, and linoelic acid.

Eye Creams


The need for an eye cream, now that in your thirties, is undeniable. As you all know, one of the most susceptible to wrinkles is around the eye area, thus we now have problems such as eyebags and hollow eyes. Good thing there’s a product in market that helps in combating these problems around the eyes.



We all know how the sun can damage our skin. And i’m not just talking about sunburn—from sun spots to zits, the sun plays a huge part in causing all of these skin problems. Like what my doctor always say, prevention is better than cure so always protect yourself from the sun by using sunscreens.

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