Makeup 101: Lipstick Hacks & Tricks

When it comes to makeup, we all know that lipstick is one of the most important. Yes, we may look at it as a fashion accessory that can help revamp your look in an instant; but it’s actually more than that. Lipstick, no matter what shade or color you prefer, can actually do more than help you achieve your preferred look. For starters, it can help with keeping your lips moisturized. Especially with new brands, lipsticks often have moisturizing additives such as vitamin E and aloe vera. Aside from that, lipsticks have sun protection ingredients that can help protect your lips from the harmful and damaging effects of the sun. Yup, lipsticks are more than ┬ájust for beauty; they are truly a woman’s best friend.



Of course, the main purpose of lipsticks is to make ourselves look more beautiful and, ultimately, feel confident about ourselves. Though it doesn’t hurt that you know now that lipsticks have health benefits, right? Anyways, here are some makeup hacks and tricks for getting your best lipstick look:

Makeup Hack #1: Lipsticks and Liners



We all know that applying lipstick perfectly requires steady hands, especially around the edges. If you want to avoid your lipstick going all over your face, apply the lipstick first, then use the lip liner define the shape of your lips. This will help you see exactly where the lines of your lips are, thus keeping the color right where you want them to be. Applying the lipstick first can also make your lips smoother, making it easier for the lip liner go smoother and more easily.

Makeup Hack #2: Softening and Boldening


If you want your lips to “pop out”, you’d have to do the softening and boldening technique. First, you have to trace a finger (either your index or your little finger) to soften the line around the edges. Then, use a concealer (it must be lighter than your skin tone) that you’ll have to apply around the border of your lips. This will create that bolder look that many women love today.

Makeup Hack #3: Making Lipstick Last


We all have that moment when we forget to do a lipstick retouch, only to be petrified once we see ourselves in the mirror and find out that most of our lipstick (except some patches) is gone! Horror story, indeed! To make your lipstick last longer, once you’re done applying the lipstick, blot it out with a tissue, and dust a thin layer of powder over your lips. Then, finally, reapply the lipstick. This will help make your lipstick last all day. Pretty cool, huh?

That’s it for today’s edition of makeup hacks, featuring the lipstick. To get more helpful makeup hacks, just browse through my blog. And if you have any suggestions or reactions, please feel free to comment in the comment section below. Til, next time, stay pretty, everyone! ­čÖé


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