Work Wear Tips: 5 Button-Down Shirt Alternatives

Sure, I love wearing button-down shirts for a work wear. Who doesn’t, really? I’m sure most (if not all) of you would agree when I say that they’re essential pieces in every girl’s closet.¬†Especially for work, I use button-down shirts at least twice a week. Why? Well, aside from being a versatile top that you can pretty much wear with any pants or skirts in your closet, button-down shirts are pretty comfy and chic, right?

However, as much as I love wearing button-down shirts, I can’t really wear them every single day, can I? Because, let’s face it, wearing them every single day will make your office look predictable—yes, even to the point of being boring. That’s why if you’re getting tired of your everyday work wear, it’s probably time to add other top options in your closet. To help you out, here are some stylish alternatives to your button-downs:

Work Wear Alternative #1: Tie Collar Blouse


Since we’re looking for an alternative to button-down shirts, the first thing I could think of is a blouse that does not have any buttons. Like the one featured here actually. This blouse is pretty much the perfect alternative for button-downs as it’s as convenient and versatile to wear as button-downs, yet it’s actually kind of more feminine. Furthermore, this classy blouse is more comfortable that your average button-down shirts since it’s made from a lighter material. Pair it with your usual pump/slacks combo and you’ll surely be a head-turner inside and outside the office.

Work Wear Alternative #2: Shirred Tight Fit Top


As you can see in the pic above, this top is definitely sexy and at the same time, classy. It’s not only sexy because of the tight fit that allows you to flaunt your girly curves, it also features a semi-plunging neckline. Definitely the best way to show off your sexiness without showing too much skin. Plus, you’d be able to pair this with pretty much anything in your closet—from sexy mini skirts, to professional looking slacks.

Work Wear Alternative #3: Turtle Neck Pullover


Same as the one featured above, this top lets you show off your feminine curves—thanks to its fit design. The only difference between the two is that this top features tiered flounce sleeves and a turtleneck. This only means that it covers your torso more completely that it’s perfect for the cold season. In addition, this top is going to look great with a classic skirt (same as shown in the image above) or with a denim. It’s that versatile.

Work Wear Alternative #4: Off-Center Button-Up Blouse


Looking for a button-down shirt alternative doesn’t actually mean that you can’t choose a top that buttons on it. Much like the off-center button blouse above, you can pick anything that’s unique and stylish. And with this piece, you can also play around with most of the pants and skirts in your wardrobe. Again, as you can see in the pic, you can even wear it with rugged pants like the ones in the images above.


Work Wear Alternative #5: Ribbed Sleeveless Top


For the last one, I’ve decided to go a bit risque for the office. Well, you can actually pull wearing a sleeveless top if you wear it like the one above—stylish and classy. Or if it’s a bit “taboo” for your taste, you can actually wear a blazer over it and you’ll surely look stunning and professional in the office at the same time.

We;;, that’s it. I hope you found my list helpful with your search for your button-down shirt alternative. If you’re interested in the products I’ve featured in the images above, you can visit the site where I got these by clicking here. You can also go directly to the webpage for each product by clicking on the images or on the links.

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