LOTW 3: Knitted Bodycon Dress

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? I hope all of you are doing great! Anyways, welcome to my third edition of Look of the Week (LOTW 3) where I’m going to feature a look which had caught my fancy this week. As we all know, we are well on our way to the coldest season of the year. And with that, I’ve decided to go with a look that offers warmth and comfort. But don’t worry, the LOTW 3 will definitely not compromise style as you will see later on.

Now, just one question before we go on: what comes to your mind first when you hear the word “layering”? I’m sure most of you would think that yes, wearing layers would keep you warm but it wouldn’t complement your figure, right? Well, you’re actually not wrong. As you know, showing off your feminine curves is tricky when you’re covered from head to foot. And with a bulky coat to keep you warmer and comfortable outdoors, you can definitely say goodbye to feeling sexy this season.

Well, good thing there’s this look that I’m going to feature today on LOTW 3. So what’s it all about? Simply put, with this look, you won;t have to worry about the “marshmallow” or the “mummy” effect. Yup, unlike the traditional chunky knits and bulky coats, this look can help you maintain that feminine mystique and at the same time keeps you warm. Well, don;t just take my word for it and take a look for yourself:

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As you can see, this dress can still show off your feminine curves while keeping your warm. That’s because it’s knitted and designed with feminine body’s contours in mind. This allows women to look and feel sexy even if it covers most of your body. I know some of you would think that this wouldn’t be enough to keep you warm outdoors. Well, as you can see in the pics above, you can wear a trench coat over it but you’d still look as feminine as ever. That’s because the dress is practically hugging your body tight, even when you add some layers over it, your getup wouldn’t be as bulky. Complete the look with the fab pieces shown below and you’ll be as glam and comfy this winter as ever:

Chunky Heel Pull-On Boots
Slim Wristlet Strap Bag
Gold Tone Cuff Bracelet
Belted Coat and Muffler Set

So, are you interested in getting this awesome look? If you are, you can  visit the online shop where I got these by clicking on the images or by clicking on the links.

Well, that’s it. Hope you liked it! Till the next edition of Look of the Week, take care, everyone! ­čÖé

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