Intimate Talk: Choosing the Right Underwear

When it comes to choosing panties, bras, and lingerie, it’s really important for us, women, to choose the correct piece. These pieces of cloth aren’t just something we wear underneath our clothes, they are something very close to us. Literally and figuratively. Why else would we call them ‘intimate wear’, right? Keep in mind that we wear them too close to our “sensitive” areas, so they shouldn’t be scratchy, pinching, or unflattering. Because if they are, they would either be uncomfortable or they wouldn’t look good. Yes, even underneath your clothes—ever heard of the dreaded visible panty lines?


To choose the perfect intimate wear, here are some advice I could give you:

Keep the Colors Simple


Bright colors are definitely unflattering. In fact, loud colors are downright distracting. So keep the colors simple. Stick with the usual blacks and whites, or some occasional reds or purples (depending on the mood, of course) and you’ll be okay. But the general rule is, when in doubt, go back to the basics and you’ll surely look chic and sexy in your intimates.

Size Matters


Jeans and shirts can be worn a bit bigger or smaller than your size, but when it comes to intimate wear, NEVER. Do you think you would be comfortable when you need to adjust and readjust your bra straps? Yup, I don’t think so. That’s why it’s important to choose the perfect underwear size. Remember that pulling and picking your underwear in public is never sexy and fabulous. So if you’re wearing something underneath that distracts you, you shouldn’t be wearing them at all.

Material Matters


Remember that you’ll be wearing it close to your skin. Heck, it’s even going to near your sensitive parts! So why would you wear a panty (or a bra, for that matter) made from a material that is uncomfortable? Yes, of course, the material your intimates are made from is most definitely important. If the fabric you choose are scratchy, sweat-inducing, or doesn’t breathe, do you think you’ll be comfy? Of course not, so why wear them, right?

Accentuate Your Body Shape


Panties, bras, and lingerie come in different cuts, shapes, and sizes. And they actually made it so so that women would be able to choose the right one that works well for each one of us. So make sure you pick the right one by taking into account your body type as well as your personal support, comfort, and style preference. This will accentuate your body shape and help you feel comfortable, sexy, and confident about your body.

Well, that’s it. I hope this would help you find the perfect underwear that would make you look and feel great. If you’re ever in a dilemma on what panty, bra, or lingerie to choose, you should check out these intimate collection from one of Korea’s top fashion online shops. They offer a wide range of intimate products that aren’t just made from top quality materials, but will also make you look fabulous as well. Click here or click on the images and links to view their site.

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