My Picks: Different Looks for This Layering Season

Winter is definitely just around the corner. And as the temperature continuously drops, I can’t help but get excited on what I’m going to wear this season. As we all know, fall and winter are the seasons for layering and that’s what I’m actually been thinking about. However, as much as I’m thrilled about layering, I’m really not that keen on the usual layering pieces. That’s why for this edition of ‘My Picks’, I’ve decided to look for something a bit different. So without further ado, here are my picks for the winter season:

My Picks #1: Collarless Long Vest


This collarless long vest is definitely a thing of beauty. As you can see here, it can make a simple white jeans/black top combo look more elegant. Add simple black pumps into the mix and it’s high fashion at its simplest form. You can also wear this long vest with other simple clothes and you’ll surely look fab in an instant. Truly layering at its finest. And because it’s made from wool, you’ll know it can protect you from the cold and it’s going to be comfortable.

My Picks #2: Raglan Sleeve Pullover


I admit I’m definitely a fan of minimalist fashion. However, you can actually make simple minimalist pieces more interesting by adding in some accenting pieces. This look, for instance, highlights the raglan pullover top but as you can see, it is accentuated by the pleated midi skirt. This is definitely a winter look that’ll turn heads, don’t you think?

My Picks #3: Peak Lapel Blazer


Like the first pick, this blazer is so versatile, you can virtually wear it with anything in your wardrobe. As you can see here, it adds more character and sophistication to a plain white top. It’s definitely a steady outerwear that you can rely on whenever you are in need of a layering piece.

My Picks #4: Minimalist Wool Coat


Just one look at this image and you know how fab you’ll look in this minimalist wool coat. As many would say, simplicity is key to sophistication and this coat epitomizes that fashion adage. Wear it with an all black ensemble (as seen here) and you can be sure that this coat would still be able to bring out the fashionista in you.

My Picks #5: Two-tone Scarf


Of course, when it comes to winter fashion, we just can’t forget about scarves. Not only will a scarf keep you warm and comfy during winters, it will also add personality into your look. This particular scarf is just a fabulous way to add some color and of course character into a simple outfit. And because this scarf is made from a lightweight cotton blend, it will basically feel like your wearing a soft cloud around your neck.

You may have noticed that most (if not all) of my picks are simple and mainly minimalist in style. Well, you’re definitely not wrong as I’m actually going for the minimalist look this winter. For me, not only does minimalist fashion look fab and sophisticated, it’s also versatile. This actually allows me to play with different looks just by mixing and matching these fab pieces with different pieces that are already in my wardrobe.

If you’re also interested in getting that minimalist look this winter, you can check out this online fashion shop that specializes in minimalist looks. You can also check out all the pieces featured above by clicking on the images and the links.

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