Eye Makeup Tips: Brows, Liners, Shadows, & Lashes

When it comes to applying makeup, one of the most difficult to master is the eye makeup. As most of you would know, applying eye makeup such as eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrow requires a steady hand. What with the extremely narrow and irregular space in our lids, brows, and lashes, one would need to be a master of precision just to get them perfectly.

If you’re always having problems putting on eye makeup, here are some handy tips and tricks that could help you:

Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks #1: Brows


For the perfect brows, you will need a brow pencil and a brow gel. If you don’t have any brow gel at hand, a lip balm would be just fine. To start, draw a thin fake hair using your freshly sharpened brow pencil. Make sure that you’re following your brow’s natural shape. Seal the deal by applying the brow gel, this will make your brows look more natural. As earlier mentioned, if you don’t have any brow gel, you can use a lip balm. Just rub a small amount of lip balm on your index finger and gently dab it onto your brows.

Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks #2: Liners


One of the most popular thing right now is the cat eye. To create a cat eye, you will need a liquid eyeliner and various shades of eyeliner pencils. Create a cat eye by lining the edges of your upper lid with the liquid eyeliner as usual. But at the outer end, flick it outwards, making sure that the flick extends longer than usual. To make it more vibrant, create a singular S-spiral from the innermost part of the cat eye towards the bottom.

Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks #3: Shadows


If you’re not into cat eyes, maybe you would like to try the red eyes. For this, you’re going to need a nude/neutral eyeshadow, a red eyeshadow, a dark brown eyeshadow and of course, an eyeshadow brush. Start by covering your entire eyelids with the neutral eyeshadow; this will be the base. Then, cover your lids with the red eyeshadow, making sure that the color red will pop out. Finish it off by creating depth using the dark brown eyeshadow. Just apply the product from the outer edge of the lids up to the crease line. Then blend everything together with a clean brush.

Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks #4: Lashes


And last but not least, the lashes. This time, I’m going to be teaching you how to apply a custom colored mascara. This will make your eye pop out (well, not literally, of course!) For this, you’re going to need a clear mascara primer and an eye shadow (or a liquid eyeliner) of the color you desire. First, you will need to prep your lashes by using the lash curler. Then, apply the mascara primer, this will act as a base. Next, run the mascara wand against your colored eyeshadow (or liquid eyeliner) and apply it to your lashes as you would a normal mascara. Make sure you have enough product on your wand to cover your lashes with your desired color.

Well, there you have it! Try these tips and tricks out and tell me how it goes by commenting below. Also, if you want to try the cosmetic products featured above, just click on the images or the links.

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