Winter Essentials: What You Need For Warmth & Style

So winter is just around the corner and this means another wardrobe overhaul for sure. When the temperature drops, it’s not just about looking good, of course we need to keep ourselves warm as well. If you’re looking to replenish your closet with winter essentials—what you will need for warmth and style for the coldest season of the year—here are some pieces that are just a travesty not to have:


skinnies skinnies2

Winter is the season for multiple layering, which means we bundle up with layers of clothing to keep ourselves warm. Because of that, we inadvertently (?) cover up our feminine figures. The best way to flaunt your curves without compensating warmth and comfort is through a pair of skinny jeans. This is actually one of the most important winter essentials as its streamlined silhouette allows you to layer all you want without covering stifling your sexuality. Plus, you can pretty much wear anything with a skinny jeans. It’ll look great with coats, jackets, and sweaters. You can wear even them with any footwear you have in your closet from boots to flats and heels, or even sneakers. You can just imagine the possibilities, right?


sweater sweater2

Sweaters are what we can truly call a winter essential. That’s because you wear them as a top by themselves or you can play around by layering them. It will also look great with so many pieces in your wardrobe, including dresses, collared shirt, skirts, printed pants and even leather pants. You can also wear them loose or fit, it doesn’t matter, you’ll still look good in them. No wonder sweaters are a favorite model off-duty piece by celebrities and fashionistas.


coat coat2

Of course, when it comes to winter clothes, coats are probably one of the most important aspect of your wardrobe. Why? Well, for one, you’re probably going to wear them most of the time to protect yourself from the cold. Plus, they’re the most likely people will first notice in what you’re wearing. So why not make a statement and make your coat speak out your sense of style.


boots boots2

Boots are definitely chic, don’t you think? Aside from style, boots, whether ankle or knee-high boots, they also offer more protection from the cold. Moreover, boots can be worn with jeans or jumper for that dressed down look, or go full glam with a skirt or a mini dress.



And last but not least, you’ll definitely going to need scarfs during the cold seasons to keep yourself warm and comfy, especially when you’re outside. Scarfs don’t just keep you snug and comfortable, it can also make your outfit more glamorous and your overall look more interesting.

Now, fill your wardrobe with different styles of these five winter essentials, and you’re set for the cold days and nights ahead. If you’re interested in purchasing the items I’ve featured in the images above, just click on the links or the images themselves to go to the site where I got these.

Get ready for the cold months ahead, get all these winter essentials now

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