Online Shopping 101: Tips For Safer Shopping

Gone are the days when shopping would mean taking a shower, dressing up, driving, parking spaces, and braving crowded malls. In this time and age, you can practically do everything you need in your computer like paying your bills, signing up for a yoga class, and yes, even go shopping. In fact, online shopping has become part of our lives that it’s said that billions of dollars will be spent online over the next few months. And with that kind of money, we can surely expect that there are some who would try to steal some from it. So in light of this latest problems we’re having with online scams, here’s my take on an Online Shopping 101: How to keep yourself from becoming a victim—just follow these tips to keep your online shopping experience smooth and, of course, secure:


Know the Identity, Location, and Contact Details of the Online Store

Of course, there are online stores you are already familiar with and you trust. But what about other online stores you haven’t heard about? Well, it is important to know if they are legit or if they are online companies that really exist. That’s why you should know the company name and the company registration. Other info you’d need include: country where it’s operating from, and contact details like email, postal address, telephone numbers, etc.

Get More Info About the Company’s Reputation

How are you going to do this? By checking via searches of Internet comments from consumer review sites—there are literally hundreds of them out there. You can also check if there are complaints about the online store via consumer affairs agencies such as the Better Business Bureau.

Always Read the Terms and Conditions

I know that this seems a bit boring but it’s actually important, especially if its about billings, guarantees, and delivery info. There may be additional costs (packaging or delivery costs) you may not know about or there may be payment details that would require your credit card credentials. Plus, you’d also have to know the warranties or guarantees the online company has to offer. This is very important since this will protect you if ever the product you bought from them turned out to be defected.

Recommended Online Stores I Personally Buy From

If you’re hunting for stylish clothes without breaking the bank, here are some of my recommendations:


Funny Love – fun outfits for the whole family


11am – chic clothes and other items that you’ll certainly love

Style Nanda – Korean fashion at its finest


Style Homme – stylish clothes for your man


Little Black – minimalist fashion at a low price


Attrangs – classy outfits that can be worn casually, in the office, or even on cocktail parties


WiberLux – a one-stop-shop for designer items


The Jany – for you little princess


St. Scott London – handbags that’ll add glam into your outfit


Club Clio – quality cosmetics and skin care products


Bagazimuri – affordable and stylish casual clothes

See for yourself that these shops are some of the most reputable online shops out there—not to mention the high-quality and fabulous items they offer.┬áCheck out these online shops by clicking on the logos or names.

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