Five Shoes That Epitomizes Korean Glam

South Koreans have definitely been making a huge impact in the fashion world. As I’ve written a few months ago, these fab Asians seem to be taking over the world (fashion world, that is!) one style at a time. As I’ve said, Seoul has increasingly been getting a lot of attention with its unique sense of character and style. The quirky yet fun clothes and the satisfyingly odd outfits, what’s not to love, really? What is it about South Korean style that seems to capture the imagination of the world? Well, if you just look at their shoes, you’d definitely know where all the love has been coming from. Here are five shoes that epitomizes South Korean Glam:

Soft Ankle Boots


It’s classy, it’s chic, and it’s sexy—this pair can definitely make your simple dresses and casual outfits glamorous. Plus, it is also so versatile that you can wear it with almost anything (if not everything) in your wardrobe. You just gotta love Korean shoes!

Suede Boots with Stringy Straps


Are you looking for a glam pair of boots? This one pretty much says it all with its stringy straps wrapped around, you will definitely love this Korean kicks! And because it’s made from suede, you know that it’s going to be classy all over whatever outfit you wear with it.

Holed Heels Ankle Boots



Whenever I look at this pair, I feel like it’s going to look really good whatever you’d want to wear it with. There’s also a feel of contrasting emotions in it—tough and tender, rugged and classy, sexy and stern. You can just imagine what you can do with this awesome pair!

Slip-On Oxfords


Yes, they’re a bit quirky, yes, they’re a bit odd, but that’s what makes Korean fashion so much fun and interesting. And of all the five shoes featured here, this is probably the most quirkiest, thus more fun! So if you’re going to be wearing a simple jeans and shirt combo, make your look more interesting with these shoes!

Fur and Velvet Sandals


Last but definitely not least, these sandals really epitomize what Korean fashion is all about! They’re chic and they’re fun—what more can ask for, really?

Love these shoes? There’s actually more where these came from. Just click here if you want to browse other styles or you can click on the links or images to view the specific product.

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