Maxi Dresses and Skirts: Going Against The Flow

In this day and age of jeans, shorts, and mini skirts, long dresses and skirts are somehow becoming a thing of the past. Did you notice that too? If you just look at what most are wearing today, it’s become a competition of who wore it shorter or tighter. Yes, there are still some who wear maxi dresses and skirts but that just about sums it up. That’s why in this world of short and tight dresses and skirts, I’ve decided to go against the flow—why not go with longer dresses and skirts?

I can already imagine some of you rolling your eyes, thinking: “no way, I’m gonna look like an old maid wearing those rags!” I don’t blame you, though. In fact, I thought the same way too when I first thought of this idea. So checked some of my favorite online stores and lo’ and behold, what I saw amazes me. There are actually a lot of long dresses and skirts that look rather posh and quite sexy. If you don’t believe me, check these out:

Floral Maxi Skirt

I didn’t know leather jackets and long, floral skirts can actually look this good together!

Flounce Hem Dress

Pair your long dresses with boots and it’ll look edgier!

Maxi Skirt

Flowing long skirt + statement bag = simply FABULOUS!

Printed Dress

Simplicity is key in this cute getup!

Maxi Skirt

Bold lines actually make the getup more interesting, dontchatink?

Sleeveless Midi Dress

This just proves that long dresses can be sexy!

You see how fabulous and sexy they look? You still think maxi dresses and skirts are for old maids? Lol! Anyways, I really do think they’re glamorous and I’m actually getting most of these. What I’m doing is also kinda rebellious in a way as I’m actually going against the trend of wearing something revealing! Lol!

If you think that these dresses and skirts are a must-have as well, check their online shop now. There’s actually more of these maxi dresses and skirts and you can actually get them without breaking the bank. If you’re interested, just click here to go to the main site; or click on the images or links to go to the actual page of the product.

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