Anti-aging Regimen: Asian Vs. Western

For years, women have thought up different ways to battle wrinkles and other aging signs. Yes, a lot of women have grown desperate to keep their youthful looking skin that they even try bizarre treatments. In Western cultures, for instance, bee venom, placenta (ugh!), and leeches were known to be used as part of an anti-aging regimen. But don’t count the Asians out just yet when it comes to weird skincare treatments as Japanese geishas and kabuki performers used a face-cleansing product made from bird poop!

Getting old is inevitable, that’s just how the great mystery called life works. Most definitely, the day will come when we’ll notice some signs of aging. Surely, flabby arms, wrinkles, and other age spots will pop out one day. And if we’re not too mindful of our body, it will catch us unaware.

Yes, we will all get old, whether we like it or not. But, of course, we’d definitely want to do it as slowly as we can and as gracefully as we possibly can. That’s why, like I said, we should be taking care of our body as early as now. Yes, even when you’re just in your early twenties, you should always take care of your body. As what all experts will tell you, you should be mindful of what you eat; and of course, get a lot of sweat-inducing exercise done.

Aside from that, one other important aspect of making sure you’ll look young for a long time is taking care of your skin. And when it comes to taking care of our skin, who better to give an advice than Asian women. As we all know, one of the biggest stereotypes about Asian women (particularly those from China, Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia) is that they never seem to grow old. Well, the question is: Is there any truth to this stereotype?


Of course, Asian women do grow old as well. Who doesn’t, really? The thing is, it’s undeniable that they look a lot younger than their Western counterpart. In fact, I often misjudge their age whenever I meet an Asian woman. Just the other day, I met a Korean girl in a party and I thought she’s definitely a lot younger than me. Well, it turns out she’s seven years my senior. Gasp! I know, right?!

So why on earth do Asians always look so young? Here are some things I found out about their anti-aging regimen:

Tanned Vs Pale


Westerners, particularly Caucasians are naturally pale (or white, however you call it) and of course, we long for a tanned skin. That’s why whenever we can, we always bask under the sun to get a bit of warmth and, of course, color. Most Eastern Asians, on the other hand, have an obsession for whiter skin. Thus, this explains their fondness for using skin-whitening products and avoiding sunlight as much as they can. Now, we all know how damaging the sun exposure can be. And maybe that’s why Westerners skin age faster while Asians keep their skin looking younger.

Dietary Preferences

Eat your greens ~ spinach, broccoli, curly lettuce and asparagus. Healthy eating.

Our diet is definitely one reason why Asians look younger. Study shows that those who eat more green leafy vegetables, eggplant, garlic, and less mono-saturated fat, milk, and coffee are more likely to show less skin wrinkling. On the contrary, those who eat a lot of pasta, potato dishes, dairy products, processed meat are more likely to show age spots quicker. As you might have guessed by now, the former group of foods I’ve given were typically the Asian diet, while the latter were Western.

Beauty Regimen


Lastly, Asians are known for their intricate beauty and anti-aging regimen. Koreans, for instance, have this 10-step skin care routine that said to be their “secret” for their flawless skin. I’ve actually written about their anti-aging regimen a few months ago. Here’s a quick look at how Koreans take care of their skin:

  1. Pre-cleansing – removing makeup and dirt from face before actual washing and cleaning of the face.
  2. Cleansing – thoroughly washing the face with the help of a deep-cleansing facial wash.
  3. Exfoliating – cleaning the face even more, deep down with an exfoliator.
  4. Toning – soothing the face in preparation for the next step.
  5. Essence – speeds up skin’s cell turnover.
  6. Serum – improves skin texture and reverse the signs of UV damage.
  7. Masking – removing impurities deep down the skin.
  8. Eye Cream – avoids lines and wrinkles around the eyes.
  9. Moisturizing – keeps skin healthy by keeping it hydrated.
  10. Protecting – using sunscreen regularly for UV protection.

As you can see, the stereotype of Asian women aging slower is more than just hearsay. In fact, there’s some science behind why many Asian women look younger than they actually are. If you’re thinking of making your skin look more healthy and younger, why not do as the Asians do—try out their anti-aging regimen and see the difference for yourself.

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