Women’s Obsession with Shoes (Part II)

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

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We’ve all heard this quote before and yet people can’t seem to fully understand what Marilyn meant here. Heels, flats, clogs, sandals, platforms, buckled, strappy, peep-toes—name them, we want them. Nope, not just want—we desire for them; we lust for them; we’d do almost anything just to get that pair that caught our fancy, that’s how we , women, are with shoes. Some call it desire, some call it obsession, some call it whatever. Call them however you want, but the fact of the matter is, a great pair can make everything all right. So what is it about women’s obsession with shoes? What makes us go ga-ga over some footwear? Read on:

It’s Science, B—H!

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No, seriously. A neurotransmitter called dopamine (which is actually known to be the catalyst for good feelings) are released whenever we shop for shoes. Thus, this gives us that feeling of elation whenever we see a pair we really fancy. Now, imagine how much more happiness we’d feel if we were to try it on and eventually take them home. However, beware of the guilt you’d probably feel when that natural high plunges down. So yeah, science’s definitely a b—h! Lol!

Height is Might (Or So They Say)

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Women’s obsession with shoes isn’t just about looking good. Heels make us look and feel taller. And because most animals (including us homo sapiens), associate height with power, heels can literally boost your confidence. So if you ever wonder why most women in a position of power (either the government or in business) always wear heels, now you know.

Attracting the Opposite Sex

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Of course, as a human being, we are high-wired to find a suitable mate. Now, imagine yourself wearing a pair of shoes with really high heels—say, a stiletto. Your feet will be constantly in a “tip-toe” position, thus making your legs appear longer. High heels can also cause your behind (yes, your butt!) stick out and your back to arch, thus making you look more curvaceous. Think of all these happening to your body when you’re wearing stilettos. Who do you think will come running after you? Bingo!

You see, there are deeper reasons with women’s obsession with shoes. It’s definitely not just us being greedy—or maybe it is, but what’s wrong with wanting more shoes, right ladies? We love them and we love how they make us feel. So stop making us feel guilty about our (sometimes) excessive shoe shopping. Don’t blame us, blame chemistry, biology, psychology, and human tendencies! Lol!

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