Hashtag-OOTDs 101: The Fine Art of Taking Selfies

In this day and age of information technology, various social media sites have become the new freedom wall. In fact, we can easily voice out our personal views in pretty much all subject matters in a few keystrokes. And if you’re into fashion, hashtag-OOTDs definitely rule the scene. However, mastering oh-oh-tee-dees aren’t just about taking a picture of what you’re wearing for the day. It’s actually requires a lot of practice to master the fine art of taking selfies. But once you get the drift of it, you’ll be able to capture engaging photos of not just your clothes, but your personality as well.

We know that taking a selfie is not that difficult—but it’s not that easy as well. It’s not difficult because you just point your phone camera on yourself, click, and voila, you have a selfie. It is, however, hard because you’ll the subject and the person ‘behind’ the camera at the same time. So how do you go about mastering the fine art of taking selfies? And , of course, ultimately stand out in a sea of hashtag-ootds? Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

Location, Location Location

Finding the perfect location for your ‘photo shoot’ is vital to your selfie-success. No, I didn’t mean you have to travel to exotic places just to capture the perfect hashtag-OOTDs. All I’m saying is you have to be mindful of what’s behind you when you’re taking a selfie. Having an alleyway full of trash as your backdrop, for instance, would definitely not be appealing, wouldn’t it? If, however, you’re going to take selfies in front of plain white walls, this will keep viewers’ focus on your outfit and at the same time, keep your feed more  well thought out and cohesive.

Lighting is Key

As with regular photography, lighting plays a major role in making your selfies more stunning. For OOTDs, natural light is still best in capturing the real essence of a moment, or in this case, your outfit and sense of style. Always find a spot and angle that would have just enough natural light hitting your face and your getup. But not too much though; you should always avoid direct sunlight as to avoid overly bright images.

Find YOUR Angle

Try taking pictures of yourself in different angles and choose the one or two that’you think that work best with you. Taking a ton of pics also allows you try out various poses and choose from them the ones that you like the most.

Choose the Right Hashtag-OOTDs Outfit

Of course, what you’re going to wear is vital to your ‘outfit-of-the-day’ selfie’. Even if you’re in a perfect location, if you have the perfect lighting, and even if you know where your best angles are, it all doesn’t matter if you’re wearing something not ‘Instragram-worthy’, then why bother? For some great samples of a great OOTD, just scroll down and take your cue from these stylish outfits:

image5 image3 image1 image4 image2

Now that you have all the basics of taking a great selfie, go out there and start taking pictures of yourself. As they say, practice makes perfect, right? So go out there and practice! If you liked the outfits featured here, just click on the images and links to know where you can purchase them.

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