Fun Facts: 5 Interesting Things About South Korea

For the past couple of decades, North Korea has been getting all the media attention all over the world. But as we all know, it wasn’t the attention any country would want and they have their supreme leader’s ‘charm’ to thank for that! Lol! On the other hand, its southern neighbor continues to progress technologically and culturally. With popular brand names like Samsung and Hyundai, how can anyone not hear about them, really? Aside from their technological advances, K-pop stars and S. Korean TV dramas are also making waves all over the world. Jewel in the Palace and Gangnam Style, anyone? However, as much as we love K-dramas and K-pop, there’s a lot more to South Korea than these. To know more about this amazing country, here are five fun facts about South Korea:

S. Korean Fun Facts #1: Unusual Approach to Age

Unlike in most countries where a newly born baby’s age is zero, a baby is one year old at birth in South Korea. Not confusing enough? Here’s where it gets trickier: In S. Korea, everyone automatically ages one year at New Year. Now, just imagine if a baby is born on the last day of the year (31st of December), the baby will already be two years old the next day (January 1). Yup, where else can you find two-year old, newly born babies in the planet?

S. Korean Fun Facts #2: Blood is a Big Deal

Nope, I’m not just talking about the importance of blood in the physiological sense but in the actual personality of a person. People with Type A blood, for instance, are believed to be conservative, punctual, obsessive, uptight, and introverted in S. Korea. A Type B person, on the other hand, is believed to be creative, passionate, lazy, and impatient. So if or when you visit S. Korea, make sure to know your blood type as someone is probably going to ask you for it.

S. Korean Fun Facts #3: Men and Cosmetics

Ever heard of the term metrosexual? South Korean men might be the perfect example of the word. Why? Well, South Korean men are literally obsessed with cosmetic products. In fact, they spend a huge amount of money (close to a whopping $900 million a year to be exact) on skincare products and yes, even makeup to improve their appearance. However, S. Korean men wearing makeup is not so much about fashion as it is business. With the job market highly competitive, they believe looking like a celebrity will give them an edge over other job seekers, thus the heavy use of BB creams, facial cleansers, anti-ageing moisturizers, and eye creams are very popular among S. Korean men.

S. Korean Fun Facts #4: High-speed Internet Service

South Korea has by far the fastest average Internet connection speed in the world. With about 92.4% of the population connected, they’ve actually done a commendable job of providing their citizenry with 26.7 Mb/s, with a peak internet connection speed of 95.3 Mb/s. Yup, go ahead and drool… it’s okay.

S. Korean Fun Facts #5: K-Beauty Products Are Taking Over The World

Korean women are known for their flawless skins all over the world. However, it wasn’t until recently that women from other countries are hearing about Korean women’s rather legendary 10-step beauty routine. And it’s actually becoming a popular beauty regimen all over the world. If you’re interested in achieving that impeccable Korean skin, here are the products you should use with the Korean 10-step beauty routine:


essence ampoule serum eyecream moisturizer sunscreen exfoliate mask

Just use these products while following the Korean 10-step beauty routine, and you’ll surely see and feel the difference in  just a few days.

Well, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed all the fun and interesting information about South Korea. And if you’re looking for quality skincare products from Korea, you can get them at one of the most popular online beauty, Club Clio. Just click on the images or links to get there.

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