Handbags: Alternatives to Pricey Designer Bags

It’s no secret that most women are crazy about handbags. That’s because for us women, handbags are like cherries on top of cakes, they enhance our overall look. Yes, they’re more than just something to put our things in; for us, bags are a fashion statement. That’s why for a lot of women (me included), it feels like our outfits are incomplete if we don’t have at least a purse in our hands.


However, such obsession comes with a huge price tag, and of course, this can be a concern for many. Especially when we’re not talking about regular bags but luxury designer bags. As we all know, designer bags’ prices can be outrageously high, but still many women are so into handbags that they’re willing to spend more on designer bags than a holiday or even a car. But who can blame them, really? Women love luxury bags not only because of their quality, but more so because they’re so darn chic.


Of course, there are other alternatives for women who love bags but couldn’t afford those pricey ones. Yes, there are handbags that are sold half or even lower the price of designer bags. But the problem is they’re not as fashionable as the luxury ones and quite honestly, they look, well, cheap. In addition, one other alternative are bootlegs; they’re cheap and they look exactly like those expensive luxury bags. It seems like the best option, right? Well, it’s not. Why? Because they’re illegal.


Fortunately, there’s one other option and I think this is the best alternative if you’re crazy about handbags. So I surfed the Net and found this awesome online shop that sells quality bags. All the bags they offer are made from top-of-the-line materials and the designs are impeccable. And the best part? Their products are not as hard on your wallet than designer bags.

As they say, pictures are worth a thousand words; so enough with the words and check out these pictures:


See what I mean? They’re gorgeous, right? These are just some of the few that I liked and there are actually more designs in their site. Just check them out by clicking on the images or links. Happy shopping! 🙂

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