Choosing An Outfit For Work 101

One of the banes of being a woman is getting ready to go to work every morning. But don’t get me wrong, I love mornings. The sunshine creeping through the window blinds, the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the air, breakfast food? Really, what’s not to love about mornings, right? What’s making my mornings difficult? Choosing an outfit for work.

I’m sure many of you can relate to my daily predicament. Every single day, I wake up at least two hours earlier for me to have enough time to do my morning routine and still have time not to be late for work. However, even with that extra time, I find myself running late for work many times. And it’s all because of all the choosing, the trying on, the changing—basically a hit or miss for me. By the time I’ve finally picked a getup that would look okay, I would need to literally rush to work or else I would be late.

Sounds exhausting, right? Well. it is. By the end of the week, I’m usually too zonked to even enjoy my weekends. So what’s our recurring question every day that causes this trouble in your life? Yup, it’s always the “what do I wear to work?” dilemma. We really need to find a solution for this seemingly mundane but really exhausting problem.

Fortunately, I’ve come up with a simple yet fool-proof solution to address this problem of ours. The first step is for you to allot enough time on Sunday evenings. You’re going to be needing this time to prepare every clothes you’re going to be wearing for the whole work week. So on Sunday evenings, before you hit the sack, you’ll need to go through your closet and pick what you’ll be wearing from Mondays to Fridays. Once done with the choosing, just put them back in your closet in a way that they’re going to be easy to pick each one out from the rest of your clothes in your closet. Color coded hangers or some tags could help, it’s up to you.

After the initial steps of choosing an outfit for work, you’d need to think of a particular ‘look’ you’d want to have for a particular day. If you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, here are some of my daily looks you might want to try yourself:



For Mondays, I usually go with my ‘classic‘ look. It’s probably the easiest way to to dress for office. At the same time, classic pieces always send out that aura of professionalism. It can, however, be boring—that is if you don’t add a statement piece. It can be a bag, a jewelry, shoes, nail polish, whatever that can give life to your outfit will do.




For the second day of the work week, I go with my ‘business casual‘ look. That’s because Tuesday’s are usually when meetings with my bosses or clients are set up. That’s why I want would want to look professional and confident in choosing an outfit and at the same time be comfortable with what you chose. The best way to get your causal business look going is through a blazer (or any structured top) and a professional bag. You can also play around a bit with accessories (bags, shoes, jewelries) to make your look more exciting.



For midweek, I would relax a little bit and go with my ‘careless chic‘ look. This is when you get to let loose a bit and play more with your fashion skills. Skirts, jeans, slacks… you name it, this is the best time for you to express your love for fashion. Just a word of caution though. Keep in mind that you’re still going to be at work so make sure that you’ll still look professional and respectable. So T-shirts, ripped jeans, and ultra mini skirts are a no-no. In fact, the pieces mentioned aren’t really appropriate for work.



Thursdays, for me, are for being glamorous at the office that’s why I go for my ‘glam‘ look. This the day for fabulous stilettos, silk blouses, and mink coats. Yes, ladies, this is the day when I flaunt them all. Of course the “always-be-professional” rule still applies here so don’t overdo it.



And finally, for the last day of the work week, this is when I go ‘easy-peasy‘ on my look. Of course, after that long week of tiring work at the office, I’d want to take it easy. Simplicity and femininity are the key words here.

So you see, choosing an outfit for work everyday doesn’t have to be that problematic. With careful planning and an eye for fashionable clothes, you can get through this morning dilemma in no time. If you’re interested in the clothes featured here, just click on the images and the links, it’ll take you to the online site where I got these.

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