Instagram Tips: Leveling Up Your Insta Game

Admit it, you sometimes (or is it most of the time?) spend significant hours of your day scrolling through Instagram. Don’t worry, I admit I do that too. In fact, I think most fashionistas do that as well. Why? Well, aside from admiring gorgeous photos and clothes of people (celebrity or not) we admire, we’re also trying to figure out how in flying panda’s name do they have such awesome feeds.

So rather than just filling my Instagram with annoying photos of food or yawn-inducing OOTDs, I made a conscious effort of posting something more “artsy”, for lack of a better word. I thought that it would be easy—a point, shoot, and post kind of thing. But I’ve never been so wrong in my life. To put it mildly, my first few tries were disasters. So I did a bit of research and reading on how to spruce up my photog skills. And after a few tries, applying some of the things I’ve learned, my feeds actually leveled up a bit. Of course, I’m still far from being a true Insta-superstar like some of the people I follow. But little by little, I know I’ll get there.

If you’re thinking of leveling up your Insta game as well, here are five tips I’ve learned from my research:

Take Photos of the Same Subject Multiple Times


As they say, photography is all about seeing the world in different perspectives. If you take pictures of a subject many times, it’ll help you learn to see things differently. Plus, aside from enhancing your photography skills, you will also have plenty of materials to choose from.

Use Symmetry On Your Feeds


One of the most eye-catching feeds I’ve seen on IG are laden with symmetry. Why? Well, for starters, it’s really hard to make a messy photo look good. With symmetry, you’ll be able to make your photos “cleaner” and more appealing to the eye. Furthermore, symmetry can help lead viewers’ eyes toward the subject.

Apply the “Rule of Thirds”


If you’re into photography, I’m sure you’ve heard of this as it is the most common technique when it comes to composition.The Rule of Thirds is about subject placement within the frame. It is when you align your subject with the guidelines and their intersection points. It basically helps in creating a well-balanced photo that is naturally pleasing to the eye.

Keep it Simple


Steve Jobs once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” and I agree. Much like with choosing clothes, taking photos of something (or someone) that brings too much color or composition could make the result look messy. Just keep your photos simple by making use of empty space in your frame. This will decongest your photo from unnecessary elements and it’ll also help people looking at your photo zero in on your subject.

Take Self-Portraits, Not Selfies


Of course, I will still be doing my OOTDs but with a little more “panache” this time. From now on, I won’t be taking any “selfies” anymore; instead, I would do self-portraits. Yes, enough with taking pictures in front of mirrors for me and start using my phone’s camera’s timer delay. This will help a lot in creating better compositions than taking selfies.

Build an Instagram-worthy Wardrobe

Of course, if you’ll be focusing on fashion (just like I do) with your Instagram feed, having an Instagram-worthy wardrobe is a must. So how would you build such a wardrobe? I think these pictures can say it better than words:

insta1 insta2 insta4 insta3

Equipped with all these knowledge, I think creating an awesome Instagram feed is as easy as pie. Get your phone and start snapping while applying these tips, you’ll be an Instagram whiz in no time. As for the stylish clothes, you can get them online; just click here or on the images.

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