Makeup Kits: What All Women Should Have In There

Most—if not all—women have makeup kits they carry around anywhere they go. In fact, some (including myself) look at makeup kits as one of her prized possessions. And why not? This is where we put our makeup essentials; and we need them on the go for retouches and other beauty emergencies, right, girls?

However, many of us overdo it. Yup, I admit, I was guilty of this myself before. I’m sure many women can relate to this but admit it—do we really need a dozen lipsticks in our makeup kits? Just look at your makeup kits now and see how many mascaras are in there? How about the eyeliners? Do we really need to have them all whenever we go out?

The fact of the matter is we don’t need them all. You just have to leave some of them at home. This is to free up space in your bag for all the necessary stuff you would need every day. To help you pick the things you would have to let go and the things you would need, here’s a list of basics every girl should have in her makeup bag on-the-go:



This is important as it keeps your face moisturized wherever you go. Moisturizers will also help give you the perfect surface to apply your makeup.



Primers are essential because it minimizes pores to help create a smooth base for makeup application. Unless you have a flawless skin, you should always have your primer with you.



Foundations are, well, “foundations” of makeup application. Meaning, this is where everything starts as it helps even out skin and conceal flaws like wrinkles, dark circles, etc.



Blush is an essential as it gives “life” to your face by adding a bit of color to your skin. Just a swipe of blush on your cheeks could actually create that healthy glow.



Mascaras are essential as they make your eyes pop out—not literally, of course, but you know what I mean. It helps to lengthen your lashes and darken them, which helps accent your eyes.



Same as the mascara, eyeliners are essential because it helps highlight your eyes. Without it, your eyes would look dull and lifeless.



We all know eyebrows play a major role in how we look. So you should always have your eyebrow pencil with you wherever you go for retouches and other makeup emergencies.

Lip Balm/Gloss


Lip balms and glosses keep your lips smooth and healthy. I think that’s more than enough reason why you should carry them around with you on-the-go.



And lastly, we all know how important lipsticks are when it comes to our beauty regimen. Lipsticks, however, tend to wear down no matter how careful we are whenever we drink or whenever we eat. That’s why for retouches, you should have your lipstick with you anywhere.

So, do you have these makeup essentials in your bag wherever you go? If not, check out the ones I’ve featured here by clicking on the links and images above. Build on these basic makeup products in your makeup kit and be confident wherever you go.

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