High Street: Off The High & Street Fashion Worlds

Whenever we hear the words “high fashion”, the first thing that comes to mind are those expensive, fashionable clothes worn by models in fashion shows. Others call it high fashion while others “in the know” call it in its somewhat snobbish name: haute couture. How ever you call it, though, the questions remain the same for most of us. What is it exactly? Can these clothes be worn outside a fashion show? Well, if you’ve heard about “high street” fashion, you wouldn’t actually need to ask this question.

High Fashion Vs “Normal” Clothes

Well, for starters, let’s talk about what high fashion is exactly. The term “high fashion”” is typically used as a way of describing clothes that are trend-setting, unique, and most of all, exclusive. What makes it so different from our “normal” clothes? Just think of it this way: if clothes are cars, high fashion clothes are Lamborghini’s while the clothes we typically see on the streets are Chevy’s. Yup, high fashion clothes are mostly one-of-a-kind and usually made with expensive quality materials. Normal clothes, on the other hand, are “mass-market” clothing, which means that they are mass-produced and typically made with cheaper materials. Remember that time you and your rival at work wore the same shirt? Yup, like I said: MASS-PRODUCED.

What’s the Big Deal About High Fashion If We Can’t Wear Them?

Everybody have probably seen a fashion show, at least on TV or fashion magazines. Most of the time, whenever we see over-the-top outfits in these fashion shows, we can’t help but ask: why do they make these ridiculous clothes which no one will wear in everyday life? Well, mainly, it’s for entertainment. It would’ve been really boring to watch fashion models strutting on the runway wearing just simple, everyday clothes.

Furthermore, fashion shows are platforms for designers to create artistic and NEW designs. Just think of it this way: we wouldn’t know that it’s okay to wear  asymmetrical tops if it weren’t for “weird” fashion shows. Yes, it’s the highest end of fashion (hence the name) and this is where we get new ideas on how we design everyday clothes. This means that most of the stylish ideas we have actually trickled down from high fashion.

High Street: Blurring The Lines Between High Fashion and Street Fashion

First off, let’s talk about what exactly high-street fashion is. The term “high-street fashion” actually came from the Brits. It means the type of clothes that came from affordable shops, but also keep up with the high fashion trends. So what is it all about? It’s actually all about wearing clothes that came out of a fashion show that are casual enough to wear on the streets.

In recent years, people have become so conscious of fashion that they look to high fashion to get their new look. This paved the way for high street fashion to come into the picture. High street clothing are usually cheaper, non-designer clothes, quite affordable for everyday folks. Although their clothes are way cheaper than those from high fashion, they don’t lack in quality and style. In fact, because of they’re quality and designs, celebrities and other known personalities are seen sporting high-street clothes. For instance, does the name Kate Middleton ring a bell? Yup the Duchess of Cambridge herself have been spotted with cheap yet stylish clothes.

Exploring High Street Fashion

With high street fashion’s popularity in recent years, the demand naturally increases. That’s why you can see a lot of brands, shops, and even online shops offering high street fashion. One of the high street fashion online shops I love is 11am. Check out their chic yet affordable high street fashion collection:

cropped-side-tie-knit-sweater double-breasted-trench-coat pinstriped-double-breasted-jacket-and-slacks-set peak-lapel-single-closure-jacket peaked-lapel-double-breasted-jacket notched-lapel-jacket-and-boot-cut-slacks-set macchiato-trench frilled-jacket-and-mini-skirt-set pintuck-bell-sleeve-sweater washed-boot-cut-jeans striped-gold-tone-button-jacket slim-rib-knit-sweater ruched-zip-up-coat red-heart-knit

As you can see in the pictures above, high street fashion is a perfect fusion of high fashion and street fashion worlds. Like them? Visit their website to see more of these. Just click on the images or the links.

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