Fall Essentials: You Can Never Go Wrong with Skinnies

Now that it’s already fall, it’s that time of the year again when we have to think of different ways of flaunting our feminine curves without showing too much skin. This is where our skinny jeans will surely be in the spotlight. And this is why, I think, skinny jeans are one of the fall essentials.

Others may not agree with me on this, I know. That’s because many (especially in the high fashion world) are already banishing the once formidable and well-loved skinny jeans. But like I said, in a chilly season like autumn, you just can’t go around wearing shorts or skirts. Skinny jeans offer you a perfect way to show off your curves without exposing your skin to the freezing air. Plus, I just love skinny jeans because they can go with pretty much anything in your closet. Not to mention that their shape-hugging fit are very flattering on all kinds of body types. So what’s not to like about them, really?

Fall Essentials: Skinnies Style Tips

If you’re a skinny jeans lover just like me but can’t seem to think of new ways to wear them, here are some ideas that might suit you for this fall:

Pair your rugged ripped skinnies with a pink blazer and a pair of killer stilettos and what do you get? Sweet and sexy at its finest!
Your pair of rolled up to the ankles, dark skinnies should look great with your white sneakers and your boyfriends over-sized sweater for that ‘I-don’t-care-I’m-chic’ look.
Speaking of sneakers, your classic torn skinnies and white classic sneakers are definitely a match made in fashion heaven.
For that lazy Sunday afternoons, you wouldn’t have to worry too much about what to wear with this classic blue skinny, boyfriend T-shirt, and thong sandals ensemble.
Again, your thong sandals and classic skinny jeans can be a great base for your plain black v-neck, three-fourth sleeves blouse—definitely laid back but still classy.

Keep in mind that these are just some suggestions.┬áThere are definitely a lot more you can do with your skinny jeans. And that’s why I love skinny jeans so much. Like I said, when it comes to versatility in clothing, skinny jeans are actually way up there with the leather jacket and the boots—you can pretty much wear anything you like with them. You can definitely never go wrong with skinny jeans.

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