Kid’s Clothes: Kids Can Be Fashionistas Too

As far as I can remember, I’m always passionate about fashion. Even when I was young, I was so meticulous about my choice of kid’s clothes. Furthermore, I would creep into my mother’s walk-in closet and try some of my mom’s dresses on. You can just imagine her shock when she walked into her closet once and caught me wearing her makeup, dresses, and stilettos! Talk about a child’s passion for fashion, right?! Ha-ha! 😀

Those who have been following my blog would know that I’m very passionate about fashion. What can I say? I just love thinking of creative ways of putting together clothes that are aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, I think that fashion is one of the most effective ways to express oneself.

Kids in Grown Up Clothes

However, as much as I love fashion, I couldn’t help but feel rather peeved when I see children dressed like an adult. I know some of you would say that I shouldn’t be saying this because I’ve already fessed up to trying on my mom’s clothes when I was a kid. But I was just a kid then, maybe about eight or nine years old.  And as all kid’s are, I was curious and I didn’t know any better. Besides, I was just trying them on. I was just inside my mom’s closet and not going to school wearing my mom’s clothes. Except for that one time when she caught me in the act, my mom was actually clueless to what I’ve been doing in her closet all this time. Ha-ha!

Anyway, my trying on my mom’s clothes and those who actually dress up their kids like an adult today are totally different. Though many of you would probably say that the kids look adorable in grown up clothes, I still think it’s rather inappropriate. Don’t get me wrong, there are actually some kids who I think are really cute in grown up outfits. But when innocent kids are dressed up in tacky kid’s clothes a la Honey Boo Boo, or when you dress your kid up to look like Kanye West or Kim Kardashian, that, I think, is just wrong.

Appropriate Kid’s Clothes

Now, like I said, there’s nothing wrong dressing your kids up in ‘grown-up’ clothing. Just make sure that they look decent and they’re appropriate for little kids. Just look at these little ones here:

Wide-Strap-Polka-Dot-Shift-Dress Tie-Strap-Empire-Dress Sheer-Layers-Round-Neck-Dress Semi-Boat-Neck-Long-Sleeve-Shirt Scallop-Collar-Long-Sleeved-Shirt Ruffled-Top-and-Side-Pocket-Shorts-Clothing-Set Gartered-Cuff-Printed-Blouse Drawstring-Romper-Shorts

Don’t they look adorable? As you can see, fashion certainly knows no age; but still, choosing appropriate kid’s clothes doesn’t hurt either.

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