Boyfriend Jeans: What Are They & How to Wear Them

Okay, let’s talk about boyfriend jeans. We all love them, don’t we, girls? Their cool, their comfy, their versatile, and their ultra-fab. What’s not to love about them, right? The problem is, as much as we’d all love to wear them, not everyone can rock this fashion essential. Are they really that hard to wear? Of course, celebrities like Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker wouldn’t have problems rocking these. But what about the average Jane?


What Are Boyfriend Jeans?

So what are BF jeans exactly? Well, it’s called as such because they literally look like you’ve just borrowed them from your boyfriend. They are often slouchy and a bit baggy for girls and would look masculine in contrast to the female body. As I’ve earlier mentioned, it recently became popular when celebrities were often seen wearing them while strutting on the streets. However, it was actually Marilyn Monroe who first made BF jeans look amazingly sexy on the set of the film, Misfits. Since then, a lot women would often wear loose-fitting jeans.

Boyfriend Jeans: Finding The Right One

While it’s true that BF jeans would look ravishing on ‘model-type’ figures, these babies would actually look great on other body types as well. You see, it’s just a matter of finding the right cut, fit, style, and shade that would look well on your body shape. Some pairs, for instance, can really overwhelm on someone who’s really skinny. Other styles, on the other hand, would look too sloppy on someone who’s curvy.



Tips on Choosing the Right Boyfriend Jeans

If you’re having a hard time looking for a boyfriend jean that would look great on you, here are some simple guide:

  • For petite gals – go for a slim fitting, skinny, or tapered leg boyfriend jeans. As earlier mentioned, wearing really baggy pairs can overwhelm your figure and they would actually look sloppy on you.
  • For tall gals – you can actually get away with wearing most BF jeans, regardless of their cut and fit, you lucky, you!
  • For curvy gals – if you fall under the curvy shape, or what I sometimes call, The Beyonce’, you should choose a slimmer fitting BF jeans. That’s because baggy jeans would actually make you bigger than you are. And you can actually look rather too slouchy.
  • For slim gals – much like tall gals, ┬áslim girls are lucky enough to be able to wear most BF jean styles. Just not too baggy though, as it would make you look thinner.



Final Word

Boyfriend jeans are for everyone, regardless of your body shape. Like I said, it’s just a matter of finding the right one to suit you body shape. If you’re looking for quality BF jeans, just click on the images and/or the links to view the details of the products featured in the images above.

Well, that’s all, folks! I hope this will help you in finding the right BF jeans that would suit you taste and style. Til next time, stay cool, Fonzie! ­čÖé

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