90’s Fashion Revamp: Grungy with a Modern Twist

I don’t know about you but I just love the 90’s, especially when it comes to music and fashion. What with so many iconic bands such as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and of course, who can forget, Nirvana, it’s no wonder their music still garners so much respect to this day. Same as the music, 90’s fashion is as popular as it was today. Why? Because 90’s fashion rocks, that’s why.

90’s Fashion: The Grungy and the Chic

For the fashion scene, it’s all about the grit, the angst, the attitude—it basically just mirrors the music scene of that great decade. But don’t get me wrong, the fashion scene in the 90’s is not all about that grungy look. In fact, it’s as chic (maybe even chic-er) as today. Ever heard of Kate Moss? Naomi Campbell? Linda Evangelista? Claudia Schiffer? I could definitely go on and on with these big names in the 90’s fashion industry.

Well, my point is, 90’s fashion isn’t just about that Kurt Cobain-ish, grungy look. There are a lot of ‘high-fashion‘ (yet somehow influenced by grunge) looks that I think also paved the way to the styles we have now today. And really, with Kate Moss (just one of the biggest fashion models in like, EVER!) on the top of the fashion world, it’s no wonder we still look up to 90’s fashion to this day.

90’s Fashion With a Modern Twist

That’s what I love about that decade; music is great and the fashion scene ain’t bad either. In fact, because the decade was so cool, we even see a lot of the younger generation today get on on that 90’s music and fashion train. As for me, I’m always interested in giving those 90’s look essentials (plaid shirt, everything denim, ripped jeans, striped shirt) a modern twist. Here are some examples what I have in mind:

Checkered-Long-Sleeved-Blouse Cuffed-Slim-Fit-Denim-Jeans Embroidered-Denim-Jacket Open-Neck-Button-Down-Blouse Paisley-Zip-Up-Jacket Patched-Denim-Dress Spread-Collar-Button-Down-Denim-Jacket Star-Patch-Flecked-T-Shirt Star-Print-Self-tie-Ribbon-Accent-Top

Did you like the 90’s inspired casual wear I’ve featured here? If you do, just click on the images and/or the link and it will take you to the online shopping site where I got these. There are actually a lot more of these. Just browse through the site and you will surely find what you’re looking for.

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