Jogging: Why Is It Popular & What Are Its Benefits?

One of the most popular exercise we know since forever is jogging. For centuries, jogging has been the go-to cardiovascular exercise for most people. What with all the benefits—health and otherwise—it offers, it has withstood even some of the trendiest exercise crazes that have come through the years. Zumba what again?

Get in the groove while jogging.

Jogging Vs Running

So what is jogging exactly and what makes it so different from running? Well, for starters, we all know that the biggest difference between running and jogging is the pace. According to experts, jogging is going at a pace of less than six miles (or ten kilometers) per hour. So when you go a bit faster than that, you’re already running. Aside from the speed, the difference between the two can be distinguished by the way the feet hit the ground. Because jogging has a wider lateral spacing of foot strikes, it creates a side-to-side movement that helps in balance and stability. Lastly, because running is basically a much more intense than its milder counterpart, it can actually be more risky, especially for non-athletic types. From ‘runner’s knee’, shin splints, hamstring injury, and ankle sprain, these are just some examples that what might happen when we’re running.

Looking sexy and stylish while jogging wouldn’t hurt either.

That’s why a lot of people, especially the non-athletic types would rather jog than run. It’s safer, it’s easier than running and it offers numerous benefits, which you can get from running, minus the risks.

Benefits of Running

As earlier mentioned, jogging is a form of cardiovascular or aerobic exercise. This means that, as with most cardiovascular exercises, it helps make bones, muscles, heart, and lungs grow stronger. But aside from the usual, what other benefits you can get from jogging? Here are some that I think everyone should know:

  • Disease Prevention – because you are strengthening your body when you jog, it is linked to preventing various diseases including hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and yes, even some cancers.
  • Mental Fitness – did you know that our body releases chemicals when we jog? These chemicals are called endorphins or the ‘feel-good’ chemical. This causes someone jogging to feel the ‘runner’s high’ or to have an upbeat, positive outlook in life. This will also keep you happy in your way of life, which of course, can also improve your mental health.
  • Stress Buster – yes, jogging is actually quite helpful for a lot of individuals who are stressed out with their lives. With a happier outlook in life and a stronger mental health, people stressed with their work and/or personal life can find refuge in jogging.
  • Weight Loss – with regards to weight reduction, many people turn to cardiovascular exercises to burn some calories; and jogging is one of the most effective exercises out there. In fact, you can actually burn as mush as 150 calories to every mile you jog.
  • Increased Life Span – you’re happier, you’re less stressed,and you are healthier physically and mentally, thus increasing your lifespan. That’s why if you want to live longer, you should jog.

Get Jogging Now!

Do a bit of stretching before you hit the road.

So you see why it’s a popular choice of exercise for a lot of people? And the best part about it is it’s free! You don’t need to buy expensive exercise equipment and an even more expensive gym membership fee. You just need some pair of comfy running shoes and some comfy clothes and you’re good to go. Furthermore, when you jog in parks, you get to enjoy meeting new people and enjoy the nature. So if you’re thinking about doing something some exercise, I strongly recommend jogging. Why? Well, it’s simply awesome! 🙂

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